5 Signs A Man Is Connected to Heart (041)

November 27, 2019


Why is it important for a man to learn how to connect to his heart?

What does it really look like when a man is connected to his heart?

How can a man connect to heart without disconnecting from his balls?

In this episode, I dive into those questions by diving into one of my popular blogs, 5 Signs a Man is Connected to Heart for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life. 

I’ve worked with so many deeply well-intentioned men, even highly successful men, business owners, military commanders, even other coaches, who couldn’t really connect with or feel their own hearts – and they only knew that because despite all their successes, despite having even the relationship they thought they’d always wanted, on  some deep, essential level, they nonetheless couldn’t enjoy it or thrive in the experiencing of it all.

Actually, it’s a curious and tragic thing, that so many men won’t begin to even explore what it means to be connected to heart, until they’ve lost what they later realized was most important to them.

I had that experience, when Silvy and I broke up just 6 months into our relationship.

That’s why I’m such a big fan of fully empowering women, because often I see that it’s a deeply empowered woman, one who is no longer willing to tolerate a disconnected man’s behavior because she’s no longer willing to suffer the hurts of his actions, who turns out to be the catalyst for a man to finally realize he MUST connect with his heart.

And I am talking about my journey, my friends.

So … definitely stay tuned today for my 5 Key Practices, any of which you can choose to work with for the next 7 days, to help you connect more deeply to your heart, at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

Alright …

Let’s dive …


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