Don’t Let Ambition Ruin Your Happiness w/ Brenden (Bam!) Durell (051)

June 26, 2020


Can you tell a better story about your greatest disappointments?

Could ambition be getting in the way of you (actually) enjoying your life?

Did you know cacao – REAL cacao – can help you connect with an intimate partner, and with yourself?

Brendan Durell aka BAM! is a new friend of mine whom I first met at a meeting of a small private men’s group called MAN CAVE ELITE, brought together by our mutual friend, Preston Smiles.

A former professional baseball player, who’s still got that big burly athletic physique, Bam is ALL heart.

You’ll find out why he’s nicknamed Bam in this episode, but the work he’s up to in the world today is essentially all about helping Humanity awaken to a new understanding of the distinction between cultural masculinity and sacred masculinity.

He regularly collaborates and works alongside transformational figures and organizations such as the Conscious Man Brotherhood, Sacred Sons, Preston Smiles, Prince Ea, and others…

In this episode, Bam and I talk about our cross-cultural experiences of happiness, how ambition often gets in the way; we talk about the gift of disappointment, about the healing power of cacao – not that Nestle or Hershey crap only pretending to be chocolate so those company’s can make more profit – no, we’re talking about direct-trade from the source cacao complete with enriching cocoa-butter solids, consuming THAT intoxicating elixir for richer, deeper connections to yourself and others … hmmm??? … we talk about all that and more in this episode of “Men, This Way” …

So definitely stay tuned for Brendan Durell aka BAM!’s 5 Key Takeaway’s at the end.

Alright …

Let’s dive …


Bam on Instagram: innerlightwarrior

Official Website:

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