Find Authentic Power Thru Authentic Relationship w/ Jon Vroman (082)

November 16, 2022

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Do you ever struggle to feel deeply connected to your authentic power?

Could that be preventing you from being fully present in your everyday life?

Could that be preventing you from having the love you deeply desire?

In this episode, my guest, Jon Vroman, the Founder of Front Row Dads, and I mine these questions for valuable insights to make a meaningful difference in your life.

I’m a big fan of Jon Vroman, the man. I just met him recently at a mutual friend’s pool party, and we had occasion to drop in and talk for probably a good 90 minutes poolside, and I just knew Jon was going to be a guy I would want to know more. I love that John’s organization, Front Row Dads, which we talk about towards the end of the podcast, announces itself as a community for men who identify themselves as family men with businesses, not businessmen with families. I think that family-first orientation is a profound paradigm shift that’s deeply needed in the world, and I love that Jon has taken up the banner and is serving men who are fathers to lean more fully into family and fatherhood. While we range through a few topics in our conversation today, the core of our conversation centers around Jon’s recent trip to Burning Man, his first, and the reckoning he and his wife of 16 years had no choice but to face there, as their relationship hung in the balance. 

It’s a fascinating teaching story and essential for any man who wants to thrive not just in the relationship, but in life.

We talk about that and more. And at the end, I asked Jon Vroman what his 5 emotional triggers are… a new lightning question round I’m enjoying hearing all the different answers to, so stay tuned all the way through to the end of this episode of Men, This Way…


(13:01) A story that played a fundamental role in shaping Jon as a man

(17:13) Jon’s experience at Burning Man

(20:31) What did Jon know he was carrying that needs to be confronted or dealt with? 

(22:36) Jon’s Marriage + Tension in his relationship with Tatyana

(28:47) Is Burning Man a critical turning point for Jon?

(32:36) Reimagining relationships and connection

(34:50) Pillars of Change: Jon’s Burning Man Experience

(45:02) All About Front Row Dads

(48:08) Jon’s key  insight to keep your relationship thriving

Connect with Jon: 


LinkedIn: Jon Vroman – CEO – Front Row Dads | LinkedIn

Twitter: Jon Vroman (@jonvroman) / Twitter

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Link to join: Elevate 2023 – Bryan Reeves

Website: Bryan Reeves

Instagram: Bryan Reeves | Men, This Way (@bryanreevesinsight) • Instagram photos and videos

Youtube: Bryan Reeves – YouTube

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Facebook: Bryan Reeves

Episode Quotes:

Keep knowing yourself and understanding what it is you want, and what it is you don’t want. 

Consider what true alignment looks like between who you are and how you’re acting in the world, and then how you choose to flow and dance.

If you’re present to the pulse of your family, you’ll know how to lead. If you are present to the pulse of your significant partner, you will know how to sweep them off their feet. 

If you stay aware and awake to the lessons that are coming your way, then whatever you’re receiving in this now moment is perfect for you. 

Teaser (60 secs):


What do I know now? What I know now is that I had this energy, this push and pull energy with Tatiana where I would want so deeply to connect with her that what I now know is that showed up as anxious energy. I want to create. I want to connect. I want to make this moment with you. I want to make this legendary. I want our relationship to be incredible. I want to know every part of you. I want you to know me. I was just stacking pressure on the relationship. Like, this is what success looks like. We hold hands here. Now, I would have never said that out loud. I would have never said, I need all these things to go this way in order for there to be a happy marriage. 

That would have sounded ridiculous, but looking back, it’s kind of what was going on inside me. I was like, but this is how we need to do it, and we just spend this amount of time, and this is how marriage is supposed to look.


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