My "Woman Fast" – DAY 30 – The Last Day

I did it. “What did you do?” you ask. Why, I completed a 30-day woman fast, of course. Where’ve you been? “Yeah .. seriously .. what in Eve’s name does that even mean?” you respond, completely perplexed. Ahhhh … a fair and cleverly articulated question. As I’ve assured you before – and perhaps this lady doth

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Sex, Scandals, and Living our Truth

What deeper truth(s) are you denying? What is that likely costing you? So many of us haven’t been confessing our socially-awkward truths for a long time, around a lot of things, but especially around sexuality. Not to the people around us, and often not even to ourselves. We’re persistently denying deeply-stirring desires, hiding fears and

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Why I'm giving up women for 30 days

I started a 30-day “woman fast” 7 days ago. Scoff if you must. “Wow, 30 full days,” you say sarcastically as your eyes roll and your empathy shrivels. But this is what it means: no dates, no sex, no actual flirting, no making out, no strategic loitering in the yogurt aisle or after yoga class,

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Putting yourself out there is supposed to be scary

I’m always a bit nervous when I hit “Publish” on a blog. I never know how these words are going to be received by you. Like most creators, I want more than anything that you embrace my every creation like some precious discovered treasure glinting resplendent in your eyes that you can’t help but stare

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The Arrogance of the “Enlightened Fool”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve acted in ridiculous, immature, even aggressive fashion when making a stand for positive, high-minded ideals. It’s just soooo tempting to scorch another’s ignorant absurdities with a blast of my own passionate fire (I blame it partly on the hot Spanish 25% of my blood). But we all

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We are truly entering the Golden Age of Authenticity!

Even as a straight man, I literally get ecstatic chills in my body when something majorly public happens that advances the cause for not just legal equality for gay people, but for the simple acknowledgment that … … gay people have every right to live an extraordinary life in their own authentic brilliance with all the

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