Building Men (What Boys Really Need) w/ Dennis Morolda (088)

February 3, 2023

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What are young men learning about masculinity today?

How can we help build young men into the resilient, connected, empathetic AND strong adult men we need in the future?

What kinds of rites of passage can we offer young men in today’s modern world? And should we?

In this episode of Men, This Way, my guest, Dennis Morolda … the founder of Building Men, and I mine these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Dennis, who’s a former middle school teacher, and assistant principal, is the founder and CEO of Building Men, a coaching and mentoring company that essentially helps young men – and I mean as young as 12 years old – start having the real, raw conversations that young men desperately need to be having with someone trustable. Dennis is IN the adolescent fires with middle and high school boys, young men, working to help them feel less alone in what they’re uniquely going through, offering them spaces within which they get to feel safe, seen, heard, understood … he’s doing the vitally important work of helping actual boys become the deeply empathetic AND mentally and emotionally strong men the world needs. Dennis works with individuals, schools, and organisations all over the country providing professional development, assembly programming, motivational speaking and life coaching.

In today’s episode, Dennis and I talk about the ways in which many boys for generations and even still today are either thrown to the wolves by their fathers, or simply left alone to fend for themselves, and how that affects us then as men. We talk about letting children fail, to help them build the resiliency we all need as adults. We talk about rites of passage for young boys, and we address single mothers’ challenges of raising boys. We talk about all that and more … I LOVED this conversation with Dennis, and I was deeply served by it, and I think you will be, too.


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(08:23) – About Dennis 

(15:37) – How did you start working with teenage boys?

(22:27) – What are young men learning today? 

(32:08) – What does it look like to work with young men?

(36:36) – What are teenage boys going through?

(44:34) – Do you espouse rights of passage for young boys?

(51:45) – How do I raise a boy as a single mother?

(54:09) – Where can you find Dennis 

(56:57) – What is the One key insight that you’d offer to the listeners?

(01:00:00) – 5 core emotional triggers.


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