How To Date (and Love) Authentically, Powerfully w/ Joshua Hathaway and Robert Schwenkler (045)

March 17, 2020

MTW GUEST Joshua and Robert

Do you ever repress your desires for fear of being judged or rejected?

Do you know how to lead powerfully with authenticity in the dating world?

Are you turned off (and secretly fascinated) by the pick-up artist world?

In this episode, my guests, Joshua Hathaway and Robert Schwenkler, and I, mine these questions and more to make a meaningful difference in your life. 

Quick note:  Although in this episode we’ll talk largely in the context of men interested in dating, what we explore is absolutely applicable to men (and women, really) who are already in relationships, too. So please consider listening even whether or not you’re currently in the dating phase.

I’ve known personally both Joshua and Robert for a number of years now, and I have massive respect for them both.

Amongst other worthy endeavors, they’re the co-founders of both the Brotherhood Community and Authentic Dating Secrets, a training program that helps men learn how to date with integrity, authenticity, transparency, honesty, and true generosity … essentially they’re helping men learn how to connect to their hearts and their balls, and date from that place. In my experience, when a man learns to live connected to both his heart AND his balls (and his brains) well, he creates the most thrilling, most powerful, most rewarding, and most generous experiences … not just for himself, but for ANYONE who’s lucky enough to date him!

In this episode we talk about both the challenges and the rewards of being authentic and vulnerable while dating – which applies to long-term relationships, too – as well as the limitations of pick-up artistry, and what may happen when a man begins the shift from dating to actual relationship with someone, and a lot more …

Also, I want to acknowledge that in this episode, we are basically three heterosexual men talking about the challenges and adventures of dating, and we frame most of our conversation in a heterosexual context. So, like with everything I write, record, or produce, please just take what resonates, and discard the rest.

This is a profound episode, so I encourage you to definitely stay tuned for Joshua’s and Robert’s 3 Key Takeaway’s at the end of this episode of Men, This Way. 

Also, they host an epic non-pick-up-artist dating course for men, where you get to work with them directly, called “Authentic Dating Secrets” … and if you’re interested in learning with them – and they’re genuinely just good men – go find their flagship dating program at … (please add that /bryan in there so they know, and I know, you came from listening to this).

Alright …

Let’s dive …


5:44 ~ Pick Up Artistry and Pick Up Artists (PUA)
7:45 ~ Robert’s background and experience
10:42 ~ Joshua’s background and experience
13:48 ~ The biggest challenges men are experiencing in dating
16:56 ~ “Nice Guys” and “The Friend Zone”
20:18 ~ Responsibly expressing desire
23:23 ~ Men and vulnerability in dating
26:14 ~ PUA tricks and what it attracts
28:21 ~ Men feeling “too emotionally available”
31:58 ~ What makes their gatherings of men special
36:04 ~ Challenges men face in the transition from dating to being in a relationship
42:04 ~ Letting go of being single


47:31 ~ Honesty is one of the sexiest things that you can bring to a woman
47:48 ~ Your desire is good
48:08 ~ There are extraordinary possibilities in the dating and sex world when you choose to do inner work
49:20 ~ Robert and Joshua’s program “Authentic Dating Secrets”


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