Your Divine Appointment (When The Worst Thing Becomes The Best Thing) w/ Rev James Trapp (054)

August 12, 2020

MTW GUEST James Trapp

What is your divine appointment (what you’re uniquely here to do)?

What is your “essential necessity” (that keeps you going when things get tough)?

How can we contribute to the world in ways that don’t create more upset & division?

My guest today, the honorable and inspired and inspiring Rev James Trapp, and I mine these questions and more to make a meaningful difference in your life.

Rev. Trapp is an incredible man. A graduate of the Ivy League Princeton University, His list of accolades, accomplishments, and honors are numerous and impressive, and besides being awarded the Key to wondrous city of Miami, FL, for his contributions to that city, I’m not going to name them here because none of that is why I invited him on.

I invited Rev James Trapp onto “Men, This Way” because the man looms large in the inspired unfolding of my own personal life story. I first encountered him at Unity on the Bay, a spiritual church in Miami, FL, back in … probably 2003-ish … The day before I first walked into his Church, I had no intention of ever setting foot in anything called Church ever again. Although I considered myself a deeply spiritual man, with a deep faith in God, Life, Love, Universe, whatever you wanna call the source energy that permeates and binds and animates all things together, I had long before lost my taste for organized religion. But the day I walked into Rev Trapp’s Unity Church, I didn’t just walk into church, I walked into my destiny. For I was straightaway enraptured by what I found there … and before I continue, I want to ensure you this is NOT a religious podcast. Whatever religious or spiritual views you’re bringing into this conversation, they are welcome, and I am not gonna try and convince you to think or believe anything different. I simply want you to know that Rev Trapp’s Unity Church soon became the spiritual home I didn’t even know I needed. On just my 2nd visit there, I saw a band perform, then called Inner Voice, who would change my life forever, when about 2 years later they asked me to manage them, because I said yes (without hesitation, despite knowing nothing about managing artists), and that choice put me on a trajectory to where I am today, doing the inspired work I do and love, and living the life in California with my bride that I live and love.

So I am deeply honored to feature Rev James Trapp on Men, This Way. We talk about his journey from highly successful Princeton University grad – criminal defense lawyer with money and prestige, through personal breakdown of substance abuse and emotional turmoil, to becoming CEO of Unity Worldwide Ministries, and now Senior Minister at The Spiritual Life Center in Sacramento.

We talk about the power of the mind to create your reality, and the most important things we, as men, can do, to meaningfully participate in and truly serve in helpful ways, today’s increasingly fragmenting and chaotic world.

We talk about all that, and more. So definitely stay tuned all the way through to Rev James Trapp’s 5 Key Takeaway’s at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

Alright …
Let’s dive …


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  • I enjoyed listening to your conversation with Rev. James Trapp.
    I, too, had my spiritual awaking at Unity on the Bay, in Miami.
    It has been so long since I heard Rev. Trapp’s message.
    I am so happy to now know how to access his Ministry.
    Thank you!

    • Hi Dorothy thank you:) Yes Rev Trapp was deeply influential for my spiritual journey in my early 30s. How wonderful to hear from someone else who also experienced gifts from his work 🙂

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