Epic Transformation Retreat for Men
West Ireland
May 19-25, 2019

Are you ready to fully live your deepest Purpose?
Are you ready to experience Love like never before?
Are you ready to give your Greatest Gifts to this world?
Are you ready to make 2019 an extraordinary year?

Only 10 Men will be chosen for this journey.

Are you ready?



6-Day "Masculine Mastery" Retreat in West Ireland

Become a Core Member of Bryan Reeves' Inner Circle of Inspired Men

6 Months 2x Monthly "Inner Circle" Coaching Experience

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6-Day Retreat: Masculine Mastery (Ireland)

Spend an inspired week doing deep inner work with a small group of men in gorgeous, rugged West Ireland – where men have sought out quiet, solitude, and spiritual enlightenment through the ages. On this retreat, you'll learn invigorating ways to meditate, have time for deep reflection on your life, and get empowering coaching around specific challenges you're genuinely ready to overcome. You'll also walk/hike in spectacular  locations, and sit around evening fires with other men. Essentially, this retreat will help you powerfully reconnect to your inner authentic truths that get drowned out by the endless (and loud) demands of everyday life.

May 19 - May 25, 2019 (Sunday - Saturday)

"Inspired Inner Circle of Men" Coaching

Step into Bryan's small, powerful circle of like-minded, heart-centered Men committed – like you – to living exceptional lives. Twice monthly for 6 months, you'll participate in exclusive private group sessions (online video) where you can get direct coaching from Bryan Reeves around your specific challenges, as well as connect with other men on a similar journey as yours. As we dive into the 5 Pillars of a Thriving Man (see below), you'll come away from each session inspired for bold action. BONUS: This Inspired Circle of Men also gives you profound, uplifting support from inspired brothers when life inevitably kicks your ass.

Twice Monthly, February - July 2019

The 5 Pillars of a Thriving Man

Your journey (retreat + coaching) revolves around these:


A man cannot live well without a deep sense purpose. Everything suffers – our relationships, our health and vitality, our work, our families, the world – when we don't feel deeply connected to our authentic purpose at least most days. If you consistently feel unfulfilled in your work, or in your everyday life, or you're simply unsure what you should be doing with your life and that's creating stress for you – on this journey you will learn powerful practices for discovering and living your deepest authentic purpose every single day. 


If you struggle with intimacy – you're confused, frustrated by relationship, struggle to stay emotionally present with a partner (or even understand what that means) – you will learn to see intimacy and relationship in a profoundly refreshing and invigorating new light. Through a study of masculine and feminine embodiment practices, love with another – and yourself – will become an exciting spiritual adventure you look forward to choosing every day.


Modern men tend to feel disconnected from our fathers, from the lineage of men who came before us. We may also have difficult relationships with our mothers, too. Which all bleeds into the confronting, disconnected experiences we have with our intimate partners and the families we raise ourselves. Such unhealed family conflicts inside you can also lead to painful breakdowns around living your authentic purpose, too. We'll do some powerful internal clearing work on our journey together (regardless whether your parents are even alive).


We men have been hunting, doing sacred rituals, and sitting around fires together for ages. Few of us have such experiences consistently – if ever – in our lives today. So we're often lonely ... even angry ... though we might not admit it (or even know it). This journey is an adventure in reconnecting to true brotherhood; in learning to more deeply trust – even depend on – other men. You will connect with other inspired men at the level of heart, sharing our victories and our challenges, our sadness and our grieving, and also our joy and laughter, too. And ... we'll definitely sit around fire together in Ireland.


Spiritual practice and perspective is a corner stone for any man who would live an inspired, thriving life. Regardless your religious beliefs (or lack of), without "bigger perspective" – who are we? what are we doing here? why all the suffering? – life inevitably feels empty and pointless. Life may actually BE empty and pointless, but spiritual awareness and practice is what makes life and all its challenges not just tolerable, but utterly fascinating! On this journey you will deepen your awareness (and practice) of life as the most amazing spiritual adventure ... which is the path to ultimate freedom for a Man.

note: this is inclusive of different religious and political beliefs and sexual orientations


  • Ready to more fully give his greatest gifts to the world ...

  • Yearning to experience Love in entirely new ways ...

  • Eager to be held accountable to fulfilling on his highest potential ...

  • Willing to lean into discomfort in the pursuit of Tree Freedom ...

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The Location

A Private Luxury Estate in Glengarriff, Ireland


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Death is the Great Motivator to Men. Understanding that everything you care about will inevitably end brings clarity, urgency, to the most important things in your life: Your Creativity, Spirituality, Purpose, Love. Without this clarity we'll pursue empty goals and squander our precious life energy on meaningless distractions.

Right now you stand at the precipice of a massive opportunity to impact your life in ways you can't even imagine. And you never know what comes first: tomorrow ... or your death.

Now feel into your deepest truth. 

Choose wisely.

(p.s. In Ireland, we'll explore the art of "dying well" as a practice to inspire everything you do)


Still got questions? ... Apply. If your application is accepted, ask whatever you want on the Discovery Call.