How Men Can Overcome Resistance to Getting Support (and Why We Must!) w/ Connor Beaton (016)

April 10, 2019

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Why do men often seem to resist support (therapy/coaching/asking for directions)?

Why is getting support essential for a great life and great relationships?

What can help a man overcome his resistance to getting support?

In this episode, my guest Connor Beaton and I dive into this conversation about men and support … why we need it, why we resist, and what can get us over that resistance to taking action.

Connor is is the founder of Mantalks, an international organization dedicated to helping the lives of men. Connor is also my first repeat guest on “Men, This Way” and in this special focus episode, though we drill down into one specific topic, we cover a lot of ground.

If you are in a relationship I strongly recommend listening to this episode with your partner, because it has the potential to bridge painful gaps between you.

If you’re not in a relationship, this is the perfect time to listen to this, because waiting until things are really shitty before gaining the clarity that you’re actually NOT supposed to figure out how to do life and love well, all by yourself … is no way to go through life and do love!

In fact, doing it all by yourself is the best way to end up alone! Even if you’re surrounded by people … This is an essential episode that I trust will serve you deeply, today and beyond.

If you want to share feedback, or tell me what this conversation inspired in you, you can now email me directly at bryan at bryanreeves dot com … I’d love to hear your thoughts …

Alright …

let’s dive …


5:48 ~ Why getting support matters, and why men need to get it
13:56 ~ Success and loneliness
21:04 ~ The shadow masculine and being alone
24:09 ~ Experience of hardship as a pre-requisite for belief
31:18 ~ The masculine drive towards freedom through structure and order
33:58 ~ Overcoming the resistance to seeking support
36:57 ~ How to approach getting a man to get support
40:38 ~ The importance of respect in relationships
44:42 ~ Feedback versus criticism
49:16 ~ Masculinity’s orientation towards growth
55:29 ~ Disposability and its effect on men’s self-esteem


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  • All of your videos are awesome, but the truth of “Happiness is not real unless its shared” hit me to the core. I’ve been doing life alone for a very long time and that’s the one reason I’d like to be in a relationship once again. Thanks for that truth.

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