It Hurts To Live Your Purpose (It Hurts More NOT To!) (032)

August 8, 2019


Are you struggling to figure out your purpose?

Maybe you’re clear on your purpose, but it’s often a struggle to fully live it?

Do you fear intimate relationship could get in the way of fulfilling on your purpose?

A few days ago, a man wrote these words to me: 

Hey Bryan 

Recently became aware of you. Was reading some of your blog posts and I noticed a troubling trend. 

Like you The Way of the Superior Man changed my life and path through it. 

It seems to me you have lost sight of 1 of the fundamentals of a Superior Man- 

Purpose above/before woman/feminine. 

A couple of the posts I read were Silvy this, Silvy that, over and over. 

Having a great woman is the best thing in the world. 

Giving her too much of yourself will lose her. 

I wish you all the best. 

I encourage you to reflect on this.

I’ll share my response at the end of this episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn

  • Empowering questions to help you reflect on your purpose,
  • “4 Key Takeaways” to help you deepen and refine your practice of living your purpose, everyday. 
  • Simple practices you can start doing TODAY to help you live with powerful intention, moment by moment by moment. 
  • 2 key distinctions to navigating the tension between your purpose … and the needs of relationship.

Definitely stay tuned all the way to the end of this potent episode of Men, This Way …

Alright …

Let’s dive …


David Deida’s Book: (Paperback) Way Of The Superior Man / (Audio Book) Way of the Superior Man

My Book: Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May

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  • Really excellent podcast, Brian, so much great content here. I can really feel and hear all of the time, effort, heart, soul and presence (and blood, sweat and tears) that goes into your efforts. Keep up the great work and keep putting it out there, I am sure it is being truly heard and digested by many, though not all may respond.

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