Living The Paradox: Navigating Freedom and Relationships w/ Stefanos Sifandos (089)

February 16, 2023

MTW Guest - Stefanos Sifandos

Do you suffer from the “freedom wound”?

Do you struggle to reconcile freedom with the bonds of relationship?

Do you understand why you need deeply trustable men in your life?

Stefanos Sifandos’ journey in life has brought him through the experiences of intense childhood
trauma of violence and abuse, being a child immigrant in a foreign land who couldn’t speak
the language, and then in his own words: “Debauchery, prostitution, infidelity, shadow sexual
exploration, mixing with the ‘wrong’ groups, exploring underground behaviour and more” all
which took him down a painful road of self-destruction.

Today, having lived through many dark nights of the soul in his younger years, Stefanos is a
man in his 40s, married to the brilliant author and coach Christine Hassler, and he’s wildly
successful in his own right as a highly sought after coach, who works with men, women, and

In our episode today, we talk about the freedom value and the freedom wound, how men in
particular are often deeply stressed around the experience of personal freedom, and how we
struggle to express our innate need for freedom in the inherently binding experience of
relationships. We talk about the importance of men being connected daily to other trustable
men in their daily lives, and what to do if you don’t have that. We talk about male
vulnerability, male loneliness, and much more.


(08:08) – Life’s wisdom of Stefanos Sifandos.
(12:28) – What did you mean by ‘ Freedom is my value’ ?
(22:11) – Being surrounded by mirrors and particularly men’s.
(28:50) – How has being surrounded by men in this way enrich your life?
(38:57) – What role could vulnerability play in beginning to crack the ice around us?
(46:30) – What do you think is the biggest challenge facing men today?
(49:09) – Your 5 core emotional triggers.


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