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Stop This Tragic Cycle In Your Relationship

♦◊♦ (note: this happens in all relationships, straight or otherwise. It’s actually a masculine-feminine dynamic, not a man-woman dynamic.) I’ve discovered a tragic cycle in intimacy: WOMAN routinely lets man know he’s “not enough” (doesn’t feel enough; not emotional enough; not expressive enough; often combined with he can’t get it/do it right). Having no idea how to please her,

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What is an Awakening Man? ♦◊♦ Reflections on an Awakening Man An “Awakening Man” wants a woman who will speak her truth to him, a woman who knows men aren’t equipped to read minds or even not-so-subtle clues. He also wants her to hold him accountable to his highest potential, which she instinctively sees in him (don’t you, ladies?!)

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Why Great Sex Is Never Enough

♦◊♦ Have you ever been in a relationship where the sex was amazing, but most everything else sucked? You know … as long as you were physically stuck together, everything was great. Meanwhile outside the bedroom you couldn’t agree on much (unless it was to have sex outside the bedroom). I broiled in the fire

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