Are You Living True Path … or False Path? w/ Jeff Brown (021)

May 15, 2019

MTW GUEST Jeff Brown

Are you living just to survive … or to fulfill your soul’s purpose?

What’s the cost of not living your soul’s purpose?

How can you even know if you’re living your soul’s path?

How do you navigate the need to pay the bills (or show up for your loved ones) … AND the drive to live your soul’s calling today?

I was so excited for this conversation with Jeff Brown.

My lady has been a long time fan of his work – she often shares his wisdom on her Instagram page. I didn’t realize it until I started doing more research on Jeff, but I actually saw a documentary he produced called Karmageddon, years ago … a deeply insightful documentary about his fascinating (and disturbing) experience hosting in his home an essentially narcissistic boundary-violating musical guru who had a particular affinity for teenage women. This was well before the #METOO movement, and I wonder how that so-called guru-teacher is being received these days.

Anyway, what I so love about Jeff’s work and his writing, which I first witnessed in him in his documentary, is he brings firmly grounded perspective to the often lofty and disembodied heights of modern spirituality … where so many modern spiritual-teachers even coaches are using spiritual ideas and concepts, such as non-identification with form, and detachment from suffering, as grounds for actually abusing people and causing people to dishonor their own critical human boundaries, Jeff seizes on that insanity to bring spirituality back to earth, into the body, so that spiritual practice serves to deepen, and enrich, our human experience, not merely bypass it.

Jeff is the author of 6 books, including his most recent release, “Grounded Spirituality” … the book I decided to read to really prepare for this conversation was “Soulshaping: A Journey of Self-Creation” … which is an autobiographical account of his journey to awakening to his soul’s calling … and of course all the forces arrayed against him – both the inner forces like self-doubt and survival thinking – and also the outer forces our world makes real, like the very real need to make money and the persistent reality that one’s soul calling is often at odds with the modern world’s monetary system. In other words, despite all the Hallmark spirituality out there and the countless social media influencers who caption their luxury resort photos with trite assurances that if you just leap, you’ll grow wings … the truth is that even in today’s world of seemingly endless possibilities, following your soul’s calling often WON’T be financially rewarding … at least not for a very uncomfortable amount of time!

And I LOVE that Jeff leans straight into such widely perpetuated inspirational cliches that sing in sometimes painful dissonance with everyday reality.

Jeff’s book quickly became one of my all-time favorites – even just today I gave it to a client going through a massive life transition.

And Jeff the man is now one of my favorite men. Although we’ve just met, based on what I’ve witnessed through his work, and now through our conversation that you’re about to hear, I already know I deeply trust this man, in his integrity to just be real with me.

Definitely stay tuned for Jeff’s 5 Key Takeaway’s at the end of this episode of Men, This Way …

Alright …

Let’s dive …


6:16 ~ Jeff’s latest book “Grounded Spirituality”
10:10 ~ False path and true path
16:22 ~ The dangers of spirutal bypass
25:55 ~ “Flake it ’til you make it”
30:04 ~ To “wake down” versus “wake up”
33:30 ~ Honoring both our mission and our relationships
42:13 ~ The greatest challenge facing men in the world today
43:28 ~ Jeff’s film Karmageddon, and discharging anger


52:28 ~ KEY INSIGHT: Excavate your trauma, and continue to work through it
53:09 ~ KEY MAN TO LEARN FROM: Alexander Lowen. Particularly his Books “Bioenergetics” and “Joy: The Surrender to the Body and to Life”
53:46 ~ KEY RESOURCE (most impactful, inspiring book, movie, podcast): The Sinner (2017 TV Series)
55:01 ~ KEY INVESTMENT (the best thing you spent money on, under $10,000): Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in Bahamas
56:12 ~ KEY PRACTICE (7-day challenge to the men listening): Regular massage therapy


Find Jeff @ from June 2019
Jeff’s publishing house:
Instagram: @JeffBrownSoulShaping
View the trailer for Jeff’s film “Karmageddon” @

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