Make 2019 Your Year of
Epic Transformation

Are you ready to fully live your deepest Purpose?
Are you ready to experience Love like never before?
Are you ready to give your Greatest Gifts to this world?
Are you ready to make 2019 the most extraordinary year?

Only 10 Men will be chosen for this journey.

Are you ready?



6-Day "Masculine Mastery" Retreat in West Ireland (Spring 2019)

Become a Core Member of Bryan Reeves' Inner Circle of Inspired Men

1 Year Private Coaching with Bryan Reeves (Purpose, Relationship, Career)

3-Day "The Gathering" Retreat in California (Fall 2019)

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6-Day Retreat: Masculine Mastery (Ireland)

Spend an inspired week doing deep inner work with a small group of men in gorgeous, rugged West Ireland, where men have sought out quiet, solitude, and spiritual enlightenment throughout the ages.

Bryan Reeves' Inspired Inner Circle of Men

Step into this small, powerful circle of like-minded heart-centered Men committed – like you – to living exceptional lives. Twice each month, we meet (online) to get support for our challenges, be inspired to bold action, be held accountable, and be held strong by our brothers when life inevitably kicks our ass.

1 Year Personal Coaching Journey

Extraordinary people get extraordinary support. Every month, you'll get Bryan's direct support in confronting your biggest challenges, exploring beyond the edges of your comfort zone, and strategizing inspired action for bringing your biggest dreams and highest visions into your everyday reality.

3-Day Retreat: The Gathering (California)

Finishing 2019 strong, our Inspired Circle of Men will gather together in the mountains outside Los Angeles for a long weekend of reflection, celebration, and brotherhood. You will deepen in your breakthroughs of the year past as you build even more momentum towards an extraordinary year 2020. 


  • Ready to more fully give his greatest gifts to the world ...

  • Yearning to experience Love in entirely new ways ...

  • Eager to be held accountable to fulfilling on his highest potential ...

  • Willing to lean into discomfort in the pursuit of Tree Freedom ...

Men Who Have Worked With Bryan ...


Death is the Great Motivator to Men. Understanding that everything you care about will inevitably end brings clarity, urgency, to the most important things in your life: Your Creativity, Spirituality, Purpose, Love. Without this clarity we'll pursue empty goals and squander our precious life energy on meaningless distractions.

Right now you stand at the precipice of a massive opportunity to impact your life in ways you can't even imagine. And you never know what comes first: tomorrow ... or your death.

Now feel into your deepest truth. 

Choose wisely.

(p.s. In Ireland, we'll explore the art of "dying well" as a practice to inspire everything you do)


Still got questions? ... Apply. If your application is accepted, ask whatever you want on the Discovery Call.