Helping men and women understand each other in ways that they never have before.

Our relationships are characterized by struggle and misunderstanding.

This six weeks is going to be about getting into clarity, to understanding why men show up one way and women show up another way, what we really want from each other.

Understanding Men, Cherishing Women

Fixing Understanding Men & Mastering Cherishing Women”

6 Weeks to Completely Transforming Your Intimate Partnerships 

*This is not a gender specific exploration, it applies equally to GLBTT.


The Six “Thriving Woman” Modules

Week 1

Understanding Men, Cherishing Women. Thriving thru Awareness of Differences

  • What are Masculine / Feminine Energies?
  • How does attraction work?
  • What do they want from each other?
  • What does balance mean? 50/50?
    • Sexual energies aren’t currency (one has more value than the other) … rather the value is in the exchange of energies
  • Strong Mothers Weak Fathers / Strong Fathers Weak Mothers
  • Men and the Feminine Mask / Women and the Masculine Mask
  • Anima / Animus
Week 2

Exploring the nature of intimate relationships. Should we be together?

  • Love / Romance / Sexual Polarity (DD)
  • She’s your Woman, not your mother.
  • He’s your Man, not your father.
  • What is a Soul Mate?
    • Do you have sexual polarity / CHEMISTRY
    • Are you in the relation for same reasons COMPATIBILITY
    • Can you COMMUNICATE?
Week 3

Understanding The Masculine

  • Stages of Development of Men (AA)
  • Masculine seeks Freedom / Feminine seeks Fullness (DD)
  • Masculine Purpose: Provide / Protect / Procreate
  • Wild Man
Week 4

Cherishing The Feminine

  • Wild Woman
  • One thing Women are Afraid of In Men (not Aggression)
  • Feminine Cherish
  • Women who don’t need men * being empowered doesn’t mean being a man
  • The Power of a Woman’s “NO” (PA)
  • The Level of Complaint (BR)
Week 5

The 3 Stages of Intimacy. Which one are you experiencing?

  • 3 Stages of Intimacy (DD)
  • Sexual Substitutes (DD)
Week 6

Living Your Truth in an Intimate Relationship

  • 6 Human Needs
  • Self Love - You are perfect