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When Men Don’t Trust Other Men (Everyone Suffers)

This week, I’m off to the ancient Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina for my annual ELEVATE Men’s Retreat. It is an unspoken epidemic – with unfathomable repercussions – that so many men do not trust other men. For when a man cannot trust other men, it may reflect in the struggle to fully trust … Read more

We Lost a Baby (and My Father) This Past Year

About a year ago my wife and I lost an unborn baby. Three months later I fully lost my father. In less than a trimester any dreams of fatherhood I still had – of either being one or finally having the one I was born to – were annihilated by Life’s sometimes cruel whimsy.

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(My 50th Birthday) Best 10 Things I’ve Learned in 50 Years

50 years … exquisitely aged. Today. Made it! In the spirit of my enduring attempt to offer useful insights and hard-earned wisdom, here’s the absolute best 10 things I’ve learned in 50 years of life on Earth that I know with absolute certainty are absolutely true: 1. I can know nothing with absolute certainty. The … Read more

My New Book ~ “Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)”

My New Book ~ “Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her)”

“We are so connected the word ‘connected’ doesn’t even make sense.” ~ Rumi ♦◊♦ For over thirty years I’ve been tenaciously throwing myself into the transformational fires of intimate relationship over and over again. For I began a romantic, believing in the popular songs and fairytale movies of my 1980s youth that all promised a … Read more

Men Take Responsibility (For Our Actions)

♦◊♦ There’s a reason the people who just stormed our nation’s capital, who now take public pride in sowing terror in our community, call themselves “proud boys” and not proud Men: They haven’t yet learned to take responsibility, as Men do, for how their behavior affects other people, the whole community. For as Men, we … Read more

Why A Man Can Leave Many Times (A Woman Only Leaves Once)

Why A Man Can Leave Many Times (A Woman Only Leaves Once)

♦◊♦ I’ve seen it countless times: A man can leave a relationship and return, over and over, where a woman can only leave once. Not only have I seen it as a relationship coach for 8 years, I’ve been that man. In my 30s, throughout the 5 years of an inflamed relationship that profoundly challenged … Read more

A Man Without A Father’s Praise (Never Feels Successful Enough)

A Man Without A Father’s Praise (Never Feels Successful Enough)

“The more fragile a man feels internally, the more likely he is to try building an outer shell to hide this fragility.” ~ Guy Corneau (Absent Fathers Lost Sons) ♦◊♦ Throughout my life I have been plagued by the enduring fear that I’m never quite successful enough, whatever my actual successes. Which has been at … Read more