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My Mission: Serve the World one Awakened Man, one Illuminated Woman, one Thriving Relationship at a Time.

Coaching with Bryan

We are entering the Age of Authenticity.

Nothing less than your raw, full self-expression will do.

You are Conscious Stardust. Earth, come alive! Born to live Deeply. With Passion. In Joy. Excited for every new day. In love with your life.

You didn’t come here to play safe until you die. You came here to throw down and live boldly! You came here to thrive in every way!

If you are committed to living in the full, unbridled brilliance of who you truly are … then I invite you to work with me to create the exquisite life and love your soul is aching for.

My primary intention as your Thriving Life & Relationship Coach is to support you in having everything you deeply wish for yourself.

What People Are Saying...

  • Bryan, you have been a pillar of strength, clarity, creativity, focus, initiative and wisdom.

    John Raatz
    Founder Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE)
  • Calling all human beings in my life who have a desire to own their shit and play big in this world. … Who we allow into the crevices of our souls, and give the tools to tick away at our walls of resistance is something important – our vulnerability is a powerful thing, and deserving of the right person to be behind the stethoscope. My heart feels more open, my soul stretched wider and my mind more aware after 120 minutes before Bryan Reeves. I am more open to feminine energy and being coached by women, so this was a wonderful delicious stretch for me. If you are interested in working with Bryan, please give yourself the gift. We take the time to upkeep our cars, renovate our houses – when was the last time you created space to up tune your soul?

    Janne Robinson
    Writer, Elephant Journal Blogger, Woman Extraordinaire
  • Bryan’s powerful insight helped me learn more about who I am as an artist and how I can best impact the world with my art. His strategies also helped me in developing a feasible plan for how I can best accomplish my goals. He had so many innovative ideas; I was always inspired after each session. He challenged my way of thinking and pushed me to grow. I am grateful for his energy, wisdom, passion and enthusiasm!

    Layla Kilolu
    Singer, The Mango Dreamers, Los Angeles
  • Bryan Reeves is a powerhouse of integrity and intellectual savvy with the ability to elevate his clients and those around him into the next level of their experience. He is an impressive creative force, selflessly representing with passion and vision, a kind heart and an amazing capacity for patience, focus and follow-through.

    Val Silidker
    Founder, "Expand The Love" Movement

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Take The Dating Diet Challenge


Do you ever flirt just to feel better about yourself?

Do you ever go on “desperation-dates”?
Do you pursue attractions you know won’t end well?
Could you be addicted to hoping someone will complete you?
Do you feel silly hanging around the produce section fondling strange vegetables in the hopes some cute guy (or gal) will just notice you already?
Are you tired of needing a man/woman to fill that hole in your chest?

We routinely equate our self-worth to the affections and attentions of the sex we’re attracted to. No man/woman = no worth.