An Experience for Men
Committed to Thriving

Are you ready to rise beyond current limitations?
Are you ready to fully live your deepest purpose every day?
Are you ready to elevate fulfillment of your life in every domain?

A 1-year Coaching Journey with Bryan Reeves

Your Adventure Begins Today ... If You Choose It


  • You've achieved some level of success ... yet still feel unfulfilled

  • You're ready to live your deepest purpose every day ... or already are

  • You’re seeking a greater level of fulfillment than you now have

  • You're committed to rising above the distractions & addictions that sabotage you

  • You're done trying to lone-wolf it through life

  • You're stuck in some critical area ... and ready for a breakthrough

  • You enjoy challenge on the journey of becoming the Man you were born to be

  • You're committed to thriving in every domain of your life

Note: Anyone identifying as a "man" may apply. We are inclusive of all races, sexual-orientations, political opinions.

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"ELEVATE has transformed me, my relationship to my wife, to my kids, to my employees. A weight has been lifted off me. I’m a different person. I see the world thru a different lens.

Jeff Powers


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"I wish I would have done this 20 years ago. I feel I have the right tools to tackle whatever the day brings ... whatever life brings."

Ronnie Wilkerson

Police Detective

Pic - Randy Hughes

“My experience in ELEVATE has been one of the most enlightening, emotional, spiritual journeys that I have been on in my life. I needed to be here."

Randy Hughes


Stop Surviving. Start Thriving.

Like most men, you've felt alone a long time – even when surrounded by people. No matter how much money you make, how healthy your body is, whether you're single or have the family of your dreams, your mental stress and (secret) inner struggles persist. You endlessly search for what you never seem to find:

The Profound Experience of True Freedom.

Freedom from what? Stress. Stagnation. Self-doubt. Self-sabotage. Feeling isolated and alone. A consistently nourishing, thriving intimacy may elude you. You may feel disconnected from your deepest purpose. Even when you get your way, somehow it just never fully satisfies.

From The 5 Distractions ... to The 5 Pillars

Men tend to be ruled over by 5 primary distractions: work, ass, addiction (alcohol/drugs/porn, etc.), sports, and war/politics. Thus our joy and vitality are inevitably drained by the daily whims of external forces we have little control over. We fail to be present for what really matters, and don't know how to use our power in ways we otherwise would have real agency. So even when we outwardly succeed, we feel internally dissatisfied and endlessly disoriented.



A man disconnected from his deepest purpose is a man lost in, and to, the world. To show up fully for relationship, work, family, love, a man must first feel connected to his deepest purpose – or make finding his deepest purpose his singular obsession.


Too many men are lone-wolfin' it through life, carrying our burdens alone, distrustful of other men. When we finally create strong bonds of trustable brotherhood with other men, we stop feeling alone, and we are (re)invigorated with massive capacity to weather whatever storms, and conquer whatever obstacles before us.


Most men struggle to sustain deep, fulfilling connection with an intimate partner because most men fail to sustain deep, fulfilling connection with their own authentic selves. Authentic intimacy with another is built on authentic intimacy with self.


Honoring our origins grounds us in the world. When we live disconnected from family – whether angry at a dead father, out of touch with a sibling, or in conflict with our own child – our lives feel unmoored. For our ancestral lineage created us, and our descendants may become our legacy.


Regardless a man's religious faith (or lack of), daily practices that help him connect to a power/presence greater than his own little ego are essential, if he hopes to ever transcend the sufferings that haunt the human experience.


On this year-long journey, you will do a deep-dive exploration of these 5 Pillars of a Thriving Man. You will be challenged to confront any domain in your life where you have been playing small and safe, selling yourself out (and others) merely to avoid risk and for the sake of comfort.

You will awaken to profound insights and learn effective practices to support your thriving as a Full-bodied, Inspired, Thriving Man.

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Your Adventure Runs January 2024 Thru December 2024

Join an Inner Circle of 8 Men who become your Strongest Allies

Personal Coaching & Group Coaching with Bryan Reeves

5-Day In-Person Retreat ("The Gathering") SUMMER 2024 (dates TBD, in North Carolina)

Your New Inner Circle of Trustable Men

Welcome to your new lifelong Brotherhood. Step into a small, powerful circle of like-minded, heart-centered Men committed – like you – to living exceptional lives. All men need men alongside them to support us through our challenges. We grow stronger through challenge from other men, who inspire us to bold action, hold us accountable to our word, and hold us strong when life inevitably kicks our ass.

You Gain Access To:

  • On-Demand Support & Accountability via Video
  • Trustable, Committed Men Who Have Your Back
  • Men You Can Count On for Wisdom, Insight, Challenge

Personal Coaching & Small Group Coaching

Extraordinary people get extraordinary support. Go on a personal coaching journey with Bryan, and be supported by your new inner circle of men as you confront your biggest challenges, explore beyond the edges of your comfort zone, and take inspired action to turn your life vision into your everyday reality.

Your Experience Includes:

  • Life & Relationship Coaching w/ Bryan Reeves
  • Coaching w/ Your Inner Circle of Men
  • Proven Tools & Practices for Thriving Every Day

5-Day Retreat: "The Gathering" (in North Carolina)

Finishing the year strong, we gather in nature's wilds (though with comfortable accommodations) to deepen the breakthroughs of the year past and build more momentum towards another extraordinary year. This will be a time for further reflection and challenge, as well as celebration, and finally ... a trial of initiation to mark your passage into the next chapter of your life as a Man.

You Will Gain:

  • Profound and Life-Changing Bonds with Other Men
  • Clarity, Vision, Proven Practices for Thriving in Your Everyday Life
  • New Practices for Breaking Poor Patterns & Overcoming Obstacles

note: essential safety-protocols will be evaluated/decided prior.

Throughout the year we will together explore all kinds of practices, insights, tools to help you elevate your life. Here are just a few domains we may dive into:

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Generating Daily Momentum

  • Learn to form habits you want, break ones you don’t

  • Create more energy, clarity, vitality with daily practices

  • Explore simple meditations and breathing exercises

  • Learn productivity practices to help you “win” the day

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Activating The 4 Masculine Archetypes

  • LOVER: Learn intimacy & connection practices
  • MAGICIAN: Enhance your creativity & imagination
  • WARRIOR: Sharpen your practice of commitment
  • KING: Awaken the Visionary, Heart-centered Leader
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Living Your Deepest Purpose Every Day

  • Stop working in obligation; start living from inspiration
  • Learn to live consistently connected to Heart
  • Get support to make courageous changes
  • Tools for clarity and taking action towards your dream
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Disrupting Sabotaging Patterns

  • Learn to shift your mindset from worry/fear to possibility/love
  • Break free of unhelpful distractions and addictions 
  • Learn how to use ANGER in constructive ways
  • Overcome stressful money patterns, fears, and beliefs
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Enhancing Love & Intimacy

  • Learn practices for increased mutual sexual fulfillment
  • Become more connected & present for loved ones
  • Learn communication skills that short-circuit conflict
  • Step more fully into masculine energy (to serve of love)
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Becoming A Better Man (Husband, Father)

  • Courageously face your childhood wounds
  • Understand the path from boyhood to Manhood
  • Enhance your parent skills
  • Shift limiting beliefs around masculinity & femininity
  • Be an inspired role model of Authentic Manhood


You will be seen, challenged, inspired, held accountable, and held in confidence, by Bryan and other men, your new band of brothers, to help you make meaningful and profound changes as you conquer your challenges.

You will learn to thrive through deep, effective application of The 5 Pillars of a Thriving Manhood. In addition to cultivating wisdom through fresh insight, you will explore daily practices (e.g. meditation, breathwork, mindset work, shifts in work habits, etc.) to create new daily habits that support you thriving in every domain of your life.

You will learn exciting new ways of loving an intimate partner such that you are extricated (finally!) from the typical “damned if I do / damned if I don’t!” mode of relationship that leads so many men to dead-end cynicism in love.

You will be wildly encouraged and supported to make significant changes in your professional and personal life – if you desire it – such that you more fully connected to your excitement, your heart, your deepest purpose every day of your life.

If you are willing to play full out … your life will never look the same again.

What Men Say About ELEVATE & Working With Bryan ...


Every man committed to thriving in his life knows he isn't supposed to figure it out alone. Working with a mentor – a man who has trod the paths where he yearns to go – is the fastest way to get there.

I'm a former US Air Force Captain turned Corporate Executive who helped build a $50 Million company from scratch in just 5 years. I am now an internationally successful Life Coach & Relationship Coach (and I've spent over $200K on my own coaching and personal growth). I'm also in devoted partnership to the exquisite woman I waited a lifetime for.

As your personal coach throughout 2023, our #1 priority will be to bring you boldly beyond the edges of your comfort zone and limitations of your bullshit stories. With The 5 Pillars of a Thriving Man as our map, our #1 intention is to support you stepping more fully into the life of your biggest dreams.

Face to Face. Heart to Heart. Man to Man.

Learn more about my personal story here.

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Death is the Great Motivator to Men. Understanding that everything you care about will inevitably end brings clarity, urgency, to the most important things in your life: Your Creativity, Spirituality, Purpose, Love. Without this clarity we'll pursue empty goals and squander our precious life energy on meaningless distractions.

Right now you stand at the precipice of a massive opportunity to impact your life in ways you can't even imagine. And you never know what comes first: tomorrow ... or your death.

Now feel into your deepest truth. 

Choose wisely.

(p.s. We will explore the art of "dying well" as a practice to inspire all you do)


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