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The Age of Authenticity

We are entering the Age of Authenticity.

Where nothing less than you in your raw, rich, full expression will do.

You already know you didn’t come here to play safe until you die. You came here to throw down and get real with life. You came here to absolutely thrive … on every level.

You were born to live Deeply. With Passion. In Joy. Excited for every new day. In love with your life.

I work with people inspired to live in their fullness, and who aspire to inspire others. I work with leaders and executives, creators and artists, visionaries and passionate seekers – anyone committed to creating a thriving world by showing up and offering their authentic gifts to the world.

If you are committed to living in the full, unbridled brilliance of who … you … truly … are …


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Coach With Me

I believe deeply in working with a personal coach who can artfully help you see your blind spots, where you may be living small or selling yourself short, how to take effective action and move towards the life you truly deserve to be living. People who live extraordinary lives know that you don’t get there alone. You must immerse yourself in empowering conversations with people who will support your highest vision for your life, and then enthusiastically hold you accountable to that highest vision.

My primary intention as your breakthrough coach is to effectively support you in having everything you truly wish for yourself.

What People Are Saying...

  • You totally helped me clarify what I have to go after now. That’s priceless.

    DJ Alan Epps
    DJ Artist, Miami
  • Calling all human beings in my life who have a desire to own their shit and play big in this world. … Who we allow into the crevices of our souls, and give the tools to tick away at our walls of resistance is something important – our vulnerability is a powerful thing, and deserving of the right person to be behind the stethoscope. My heart feels more open, my soul stretched wider and my mind more aware after 120 minutes before Bryan Reeves. I am more open to feminine energy and being coached by women, so this was a wonderful delicious stretch for me. If you are interested in working with Bryan, please give yourself the gift. We take the time to upkeep our cars, renovate our houses – when was the last time you created space to up tune your soul?

    Janne Robinson
    Writer, Elephant Journal Blogger, Woman Extraordinaire
  • Bryan, you have been a pillar of strength, clarity, creativity, focus, initiative and wisdom.

    John Raatz
    Founder Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE)
  • Bryan is an exceptional, generous coach with amazing insight. He seriously cares about my grandest vision and purpose in life. He takes the time to really understand who we are, so that he can best support our highest potential. I am grateful for his unique tools in coaching and super-excited to see myself manifest what I’m here to do!

    If you are looking to fully live your truest dreams – Bryan is your coach! I highly recommend him.

    Melissa (EMAR)
    Rebronja, Recording Artist
  • One sentence out of your mouth last week has changed the entire course of my life, and the people’s lives around me.

    Kyle Cease
    Comedian, Actor, Activist, Los Angeles
  • I was making big changes in my life, I needed some new insight and that’s exactly what I got. I found Bryan to be a really cool guy, for two hours the conversation just flowed and by the end we had such a massive insight that now, and for the first time in my life, I actually feel like I am who I am meant to be!

    Eoin Maher
    Acupuncturist, Ireland
  • I have experienced success in a few different areas of my life, but there is one that has continually eluded me … relationships. In fact I have experienced what most would call the total opposite of success … failure. I’m ready to figure out what I’ve got going on under the surface that has caused me to attract one painful relationship after another. I called out to the Universe for help. It answered in the form of a workshop led by Bryan Reeves, which changed my life forever. I had so many internal revelations and “aha moments” during the workshop and I’m still having them. I realized I had no clue about masculine and feminine energy dynamics within a relationship, and what each truly craves. I realized that I thought I felt feminine, but I mostly act like a dude – not just in my relationships, but every day. I also realized I have been stuck in a pattern, one that is not for my highest good.

    Bryan is a beautiful soul who is sincere and passionate about helping people. I can’t thank you enough, Bryan. You’re making a real difference to peoples lives my friend!

    Amber Shannon
    Website Developer
  • The things I wanted to talk about got addressed in ways I didn’t even expect. They say you can’t solve a problem at the same level of thinking that created it, and in just this one conversation we got through to the deeper stuff that supported this breakthrough.

    Matthew Gregory
    Internet Entrepreneur, Arizona
  • After one session with Bryan I learned more about how to release into my feminine than with any other previous coaching I’ve done. I should say too that I study the masculine for a living so to be able to learn so much and come away with such breakthroughs after only one phone call was amazing. I’m so grateful for the work Bryan is doing and would recommend him to anyone feeling like they want to access a higher version of themselves and to feel hope that there is always room for progress.

    Baya Voce
    Men's Dating Advisor, "The Playbook for Men"
  • I feel terrified and on fire and joyful … and all the right things. The cluttered white board in my head slowly got erased over the course of our time together, distilling down for me the one thing that holds me back from big choices, big life, big love. Bryan wasn’t the one with the answers; he was just the one with the eraser, gently wiping away the parts that weren’t real or necessary. I’m so thrilled to hold my heart in my hands now – ready to share it with the world.

    Erin Salem
    Publishing, Florida
  • Sometimes the right person comes into our lives at the right time when we need them the most. For me Bryan is that person. I wasn’t sure what to expect when i contacted him initially but i had a good feeling about it and he very kindly gave up his time to talk to me and come the end of our chat he left me in a far better place from where he found me. His non-judgemental, honest and practical insights allowed me to stand outside myself and see a whole new perspective which i couldn’t have seen without his help and patience.

    Michael Oakley
    Professional Musician (Ireland)
  • I had a long stint as a professional relationship and intimacy coach, but when I hit a wall with my own personal relationship issues I turned to Bryan for mentoring. Bryan Reeves knocked my socks off during our coaching session! He provided a new perspective around how men function in relationships and provided insights on how I can better communicate my desires so that I can be heard, met and appreciated.

    I highly recommend signing up for Bryan’s programs, especially if you are a relationship coach yourself and need a helping hand. I have mad respect for this man and the work he is doing in the world.

    Scarlot Amor
    Author of A Gentleman's Etiquette Guide to Sensual Massage

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