A 90-Day Journey For Couples

Learn to navigate through turbulent times and transform conflict & disconnect into a loving, harmonious, peace-filled, connected relationship you want ... and deserve.

~ Bryan Reeves & Silvy Khoucasian ~

Raise your hand if you're tired of ...

  • Futile communication that gets you nowhere
  • Persistent disappointment or resentment
  • Chronic disconnection (struggling to create & maintain real connection with each other)
  • Trust issues that keep getting in the way
  • Boundary violations that keep happening
  • Losing your authentic self in the relationship
  • Arguments & disagreements that go unresolved ... seemingly forever!

HAND UP? ... You Are So Not Alone!

Now, raise your other hand if what you really want is ...

  • Communication skills that actually work
  • To feel genuinely heard
  • More understanding and consideration
  • Better, more connected sex
  • Less fighting
  • Genuine respect
  • To feel deeply cherished
  • To feel prioritized and appreciated 
  • A harmonious, loving, connected relationship where you have each other's back!!

Other Hand up?

You can have what you want.

We know ... Because it happened to us.

We’d both been single 6 years when we met.

We’d both already done a lot of personal growth work – including learning a lot of things that we share with you in this program. Bryan was a renowned Relationship Coach with a thriving coaching practice and over 30 million readers on his blog. Silvy was a passionate Relationship Coach with a Masters Degree in Psychology and a colorful background in the theatrical arts.

We had all the insights and skills for a great and effortless relationship … or so we thought!

Silvy and Bryan photo BW

Within only a few months, things started to grind between us.

Silvy’s fear of being trapped and overwhelmed had her routinely thinking of escape as old wounds started to surface.

Bryan’s resistance to feeling uncomfortable emotions – in both Silvy and in himself – had him constantly running into his head, so he couldn’t feel what was really going on in the relationship.

Just six months into this dance we both thought'd last forever … we broke up.

Three weeks later we got back together.

Since that moment 3 years ago, we’ve been on a journey of learning how to create CONNECTION in intimacy in ways that go far beyond mere intellectual understanding.

Because anyone can read a book or get a degree.

  • ... few people know how to really listen in ways that ensure their partner truly feels heard

  • ... not everyone knows how to validate their partner’s needs without invalidating their own.

  • ... and basically no one knows how to stop a disagreement from turning into a full-on fight (that could last years) … in less than 3 minutes!

That’s what we learned on our journey – and what we teach you in this program.

You can have a love that thrives, too.

We know ... because we both sucked at love.

Yet today we’re living our dream together (with our doggy, Yellowjhan), continuing to coach people just like you to create the relationship of their dreams, too.

We partnered to create this to help you learn and practice what we teach our private clients, and use to create our own exquisite relationship.

BEWARE: This journey is not for the timid of heart.

It takes courage to face your own stuff and do the inner work necessary to break through your internal barriers to love.

If you're willing to be a little uncomfortable, see with fresh eyes, and practice the skills we give you, you absolutely can have what you desire, too.

Because you don't just deserve a love that thrives ... you were born for it.


You don't just deserve a love that thrives ... you were born for it.



How it Works

Six Core Tools & Insight Video Modules

Each module gives you eye-opening (heart-opening) insights and practical tips, tools, techniques for creating extraordinary relationships. 

THE 90-DAY JOURNEY: You have immediate access to all 6 modules, so you can go at your own pace ... even binge watch in one night like a great Netflix series if you like!

We recommend doing one module every two weeks, to (a) give you time to process and absorb the insights and (b) actually practice the tools and techniques we give you to start shifting your conflicts to connections (with your intimate partner, or even with friends, family, kids, etc.).

*See below for specific details about each module.

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Fire and Water

The (Thrilling) Dance of Masculine & Feminine Intimacy

Learn how to:

  • Interpret your partner so they finally make sense!
  • Use your differences to fuel passion, not suffering
  • Attract & inspire each other (without manipulations or demands)
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The 3 Stages of Love (From Adversaries to True Partners)

Learn how to:

  • Be the best partner you can without losing yourself
  • Stop being "needy" (so the relationship can breathe!)
  • Create healthy boundaries with love and respect
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Practical Communication (That Actually Works)

Learn how to:

  • Avoid relationship breakdown
  • Address your partner's top complaints without losing yourself
  • Use specific phrases and words that calm rather than escalate
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The Joy of Attachment (Shift Anxiety/Avoidance to Secure)

Learn how to:

  • Effectively ask for what you want from your partner
  • Get your needs met without shame
  • Dramatically improve your daily interactions 
fingers holding hands with tattoos pexels-photo-38870

Mastering The Art of (Everyday) Connection

Learn how to:

  • Consistently create connection together everyday
  • Consistently bring the BEST OF YOU to the relationship
  • Shift conflict in mere minutes ... so fights stop lasting forever!
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Emotional Presence & Heart-Open Intimacy

Learn how to:

  • Be (and stay) emotionally present with each other
  • Express feelings in ways your partner can actually hear
  • Feel what your partner (and you) really need during a conflict


Boundaries Program Sidebar Banner v4

The 3 Essential Boundaries That Make Or Break Relationships


  • Why Healthy Boundaries are CRITICAL to your relationship's success.
  • How this ONE THING you almost certainly do during conflict with your partner always makes things worse ... and the ONE THING you can do to quickly make things better instead.
  • The 3 Most Absolutely Essential & Non-Negotiable Boundaries you need for relationship to be healthy and enjoyable for BOTH of you!
CIQ Webinar Couples in Quarantine

Couples In Quarantine: Navigating The Pandemonium Together

You get:

  • Validation of your experiences and challenges
  • Practical tools for maintaining daily connection between you (even if you live apart)
  • Support around how to navigate this challenging time together with more ease and grace


~ Meet Silvy & Bryan ~

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Bryan Reeves

A former US Air Force Captain, Bryan has triumphed through multiple dark nights of the soul after hurling himself into the transformational fires of intimate relationship over and over again. With a Masters Degree in Human Relations, he now coaches men and women to creating thriving lives and relationships, and his blogs, videos, online courses, and books have been experienced by over 30 million people in every country in the world (except North Korea apparently).

Silvy Khoucasian

Silvy has a Master’s Degree in Psychology and an extensive background in the theatrical arts. Silvy now works as a Relationship Coach for both singles and couples who want support around relationship-oriented topics.


What Participants Are Saying ...

How much does CONNECTION cost?

Six Insights & Practices Video Modules (10 hours) = $1800
"The 3 Essential Boundaries" BONUS Extended Video = $197
"Couples In Quarantine" BONUS Video Webinar = $197
Your Relationship Vision Worksheet = $27


... or $2,221 if you need an exact number

Your 90-Day Journey
is only $197


*you keep access forever

Need an easy payment plan?
Pay just $107 per month for 2 months!


*you keep access forever

** No-Risk Money-Back Guarantee (see bottom) **

What happens after you enroll?

  • Immediately, you get a welcome email with clear instructions on how to begin your 90-Day coaching experience.
  • Next, you’ll be invited to a short exercise to help you clarify your goals & intentions for what you want to get out of this.
  • Then you'll be directed to Module 1 - "The Art of Masculine & Feminine Intimacy," where you'll learn why you confuse (and frustrate) each other, and exactly how to start working powerfully with your differences.
  • You'll also get immediate access to the Bonus Video: "The 3 Essential Boundaries That Make (Or Break) Relationship"

Look ... This is NOT for everyone.

You should only participate if you are:

  • Committed to growing
  • Willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • Ready to learn and practice new skills
  • Willing to take responsibility for how you show up

Intimate relationship is a path for deep healing and growth.

If you're looking for a quick-fix to make your partner do what you want ... this is not for you. This requires you to stretch yourself, to open your mind AND your heart. This will teach you how to love in ways that truly make loving better.

If you're genuinely committed to creating a breakthrough for your relationship, the next 90 days can help you create a more loving, harmonious, connected experience.

This is our promise to you.


No-RISK ... Money Back Guarantee

You've got 14 days after you buy to decide if this is for you. If you realize you don't need or want 90-days of couples coaching, or you see what's on offer here and just don't like it, for any reason, email us at within 14 days of your purchase and we'll give you a 100% refund.

Got Questions?

How long is this program?

Each video is approximately 90 minutes. We recorded this with a live audience, so at the end of each video, you get to hear us address actual questions from real people struggling (with what you might be going through, too). 

Is this really going to work?

No coach, therapist, program, etc., can guarantee results.

Anyone who guarantees their stuff will "work" whether or not you do the work, is just afraid and thinks they need your money.

However, if you act on even 5% of what we offer you in this program, your experience of relationship will NEVER be the same.

How do we know?

Because people write to us everyday to share how something offered here – even just one little insight – changed their lives, their relationships, for the massive better.

The same is true for our relationship together, because everything we share in this program is what we use with each other to stay connected and "in love."

We are confident that can happen for you, too, if you're willing to do the work we offer here.

Will this help me if I have trauma?

Most every person has some past trauma – no matter how small – that affects their adult relationships.

When Bryan was 4, at daycare, his dad scooped up another little boy into his arms while enthusiastically proclaiming, "Son!" ... a flash moment that would negatively affect Bryan's self-esteem for decades!

So no relationship is without trauma, and this program can help you.

Having said that, it's important to acknowledge this program is NOT a substitute for Therapy. This can be a great complement to therapy – Silvy is a therapist working towards full licensure – but if you have some painful past trauma that keeps getting in the way of your relationship, whether recent or long ago, we encourage you to work with a professional therapist who can see you consistently to help you heal that trauma.

We especially recommend trauma specialists who offer some form of "Somatic Experiencing," a brilliant healing modality for people with trauma stuck in the body (read the book, "Waking The Tiger").

If there is ONGOING PHYSICAL ABUSE in your relationship, this may not be the right experience for you.

In that case, we implore you to seek out a therapist who can help you make sense of what's happening and what to do about it.

There's no shame in getting the support of a therapist.

Silvy and I both work with therapists, as well as our own coaches.

I'm financially struggling. Is there a payment plan?

We did our best to make this affordable for everyone.

Still, we know some people are genuinely challenged to make ends meet each month.

So we do offer a payment plan option, which is 3 monthly payments (see above).

Is there a guarantee?

I totally understand why you want reassurance.

This program offers you insights, tools, practices, skills we are 100% certain can work for you ...if you take action and do something with all that.

We're giving you the best of what we teach our coaching clients – and use in our own relationship with each other – to create a harmonious, loving, connected intimacy that works for both partners.

Nonetheless, if you decide within 14 days you just can't (or don't want to) commit to empowering couples coaching with us, just email us @ and we'll give you 100% refund.

How can I get my partner to agree to do this with me?

Ok ... super common question.

You want to do it. You know this will help ... but your partner ain't on board.

1 ... don't try to force or guilt your partner into it. That never goes well.

2 ... be thoughtful about how you can frame your interest in doing this with your partner.

** NOTE: We teach FRAMING in this program, because properly FRAMING communication - whether you're upset or want something – can make all the difference in whether your partner hears you.

This FAQ is a taste of how framing can help you ...

So, before even bringing it up, praise them or the relationship FIRST: Acknowledge something good about your experience, about them, what they're contributing to your life, etc.

Don't lie or blow stanky moonshine up their ass to manipulate them – they'll smell it coming and resist you even more.

Instead, genuinely focus on what you're grateful about your partner or the relationship – what they're contributing to your life, how they DO show up that you appreciate, etc. – and then speak to YOUR GRATITUDE with your partner with genuine sincerity.

If you just can't find any gratitude for your partner or the relationship, this program won't likely help you, anyway.

3 ... After you've acknowledged them, now you can speak to your desire to make the relationship better ... because what the heck else are you two together for if not to create something juicy and exquisite!?

That's a simple formula you can work with. It may not bring the most stubborn partner around initially.

But in the end, if you're simply honest about why you want to do this program WHILE ALSO honoring your partner for who they are and what they bring to your life today, they'll likely want to go on this journey with you.

Because they'll feel accepted, respected, cherished, and safe with you, and will likely want to give you the same in return.

If they still don't, well, so much of what I teach is taking responsibility for your life, your choices. In this case, focus on how you can grow and learn to make things better for yourself. As you do, your partner will either have to figure out how to meet you in a new place ... or they'll lose you.

I know from personal experience when both partners take full responsibility for creating a beautiful relationship together ... it's magic.

And anything less is just slow torture.

I trust that's helpful.

I'm single ... is this for me?

Truth: We designed this program with couples in mind.

Truth: When we (Silvy & Bryan) were single, we did SO MUCH "independent study" that played an invaluable role in helping us grow once we finally met. (yes, it was still challenging!)

Going through this program will help you see why your past relationships didn't work, and help you get great clarity around what you really want (and need) in your future relationship.

I'm in a same-sex relationship. Is this for me?


We're a heterosexual couple, and we're deeply sensitive to the experiences of same-sex couples. 

To the best of our capacity, we made this program inclusive of all sexual orientations.

(if you feel we missed that mark in some way, please tell us; we're always open to your feedback about how we can make this a better experience for you)

Didn't answer your question? Email and we'll get back to you ASAP.