The Boundaries Program

... because relationships suck without boundaries

"The Boundaries Program is fantastic!" ~ Angela Pederson

“How can I get him to stop doing that hurtful thing?”
"I don't want to be controlling, but I hate it when he/she ..."
“How can I get her to stop talking to me like that?”
“Is it unreasonable to ask for what I want?”
“Isn't it selfish to put my needs first?”

Every … single ... day … I get messages from people all over the world asking me questions like the ones above.

What they don't realize is their frustration (resentment, confusion, hurt, anger, etc.) is often the simple consequence of lacking clear boundaries.

This is how you create a tragic mess even with the "love of your life"!

Why? ... Because boundaries create SAFETY.

When you don’t feel safe – not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically safe, too – you naturally protect yourself by either withdrawing ... or attacking.

Clearly, withdrawing and attacking both destroy any chance for intimacy.

Healthy boundaries make all that unnecessary, which means real intimacy, exquisite relationship, can finally happen for you.

Make sense? ... Without boundaries you can kiss intimacy goodbye!

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"Nothing is sustainable without boundaries."

Brené Brown

Have you experienced any of these in a relationship ...

  • Your thoughts & opinions are disrespected?
  • Your emotions & feelings aren't welcomed?
  • Your time or contributions aren't valued?
  • Your “no” isn't fully honored?
  • Not being treated or spoken to with care & respect?
  • Not fully trusting your partner to tell the truth?
  • Persistent criticism or judgment?
  • Being rejected or dismissed when you don’t do what they want (even when you do)?


12 Signs you need better boundaries

  • You experience persistent resentment
  • You feel chronic exhaustion, fatigue or discouragement
  • You feel overwhelmed with responsibility for your partner’s happiness or satisfaction
  • Your partner routinely breaks their word or promises to you.
  • Your partner never seems to have time or interest to talk about a subject that bothers you (e.g., porn use, long work hours, sexual dissatisfaction, etc.)
  • You often feel unappreciated or disrespected
  • You’re afraid sometimes to say “NO” to your partner
  • You often feel let down or disappointed
  • You aren’t honest about your feelings or thoughts because you’re afraid they’ll get angry or leave.
  • You pretend everything is ok ... when it isn’t.
  • You even argue with your partner when they’re not there (e.g. in your head, alone in the car, after hanging up the phone, etc.).
  • You think you might not actually deserve what you want


Having your boundaries violated might even be "normal" for you!

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With this program, you will learn ...

  • How to prevent a great relationship from going bad by having have clear, healthy boundaries.
  • The essential difference between “requests” and non-negotiable “requirements” for healthy relating.
  • The one critical boundary when considering whether to end a relationship, or keep trying.
  • How to navigate sexual boundaries (including when it don't feel good or ain't happening enough).
  • What to do when your partner "flirts" with others (whether or not they agree they're "flirting")
  • The 3 Core Fears preventing you from creating & honoring your boundaries.
  • How to work powerfully with the different way men and women experience boundaries.
  • Why it’s surprisingly MORE selfish to NOT have boundaries.
  • Actual phrases, language you can use to stand for boundaries without disempowering your partner.
  • How to enforce consequences around boundaries without punishing your partner.

... and loads more.


Breakthrough audio modules


Boundary clarifying exercises


BONUS: "Stick to the Scripts!"

Immediately when you enroll, you'll get conversation scripts – EXACT WORDS you can start using today that will help you communicate your boundaries with respect, with love, setting you and your partner up for success together.


You'll know EXACTLY what to say when ...

  • You’re in a new relationship and need to communicate an important boundary.
  • Your partner violates a boundary for the first time (which is inevitable).
  • You’re sexually frustrated.
  • You feel emotionally disconnected from your partner.
  • You want your partner to “show up” more.
  • Your partner isn’t taking action to honor your boundaries.
  • You realize your partner can’t (or won’t) honor a critical boundary.

Create better boundaries with these scripts ...

  • Doesn’t it make sense that truly great sex can only happen in a space of mutual trust and emotional safety? … there's a script to help you create that.
  • Have you asked your partner to “show up” more, and then watched them run away? … there's a script to help you avoid that.
  • Does your partner not know what “emotional connection” means? … there’s a script to help you get around that.
  • Can your partner read your mind? … If not, these scripts make sure they don’t have to.

These simple, practical scripts allow you to FRAME boundary conversations so you communicate clearly, with love AND respect, to help minimize your partner’s resistance and make sure you’re (both) heard.

Start creating better boundaries today only $27


* Money-Back Guarantee (at bottom)

"I just finished listening to your new Boundaries program and loved it … I especially appreciate the scripts!"

Michelle Anhang

"Thank you for bringing to light the immense boundary issues I have. You have enlightened and inspired me to work on them in a new love relationship, along with all other relationships in my life. BIG BREAKTHROUGH. BIG THANKS!"

Joyce Rogliano

"Powerful, direct, digestible, thought provoking and profound. You literally said everything there is to say about boundaries."

Gina Gorelik

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If you go through the entire program within 10 days and you do NOT feel it serves you in any way or gives you any useful clarity on love and intimacy – I’ll give you your money back.

Just email and tell us you listened to all the modules and did the exercises and it just didn't serve you. We'll issue your refund, no further questions asked.


Start creating better boundaries today only $27


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