Design Your Life Today

“Action without Vision is ignorance …
… Vision without Action is impotence.”*

The idea of setting goals and scheduling my life … well, it bores me.

However, I’ve recently started “designing my life” … thanks to an insight my own personal life coach helped me discover, and I’m so inspired that I want to share it with you.


Planning and goal-setting are absolutely essential if you’ve got big visions you want to manifest in this lifetime. But again, at least for me … it’s totally uninspiring. And so generally what I’d do is work my tail off and get to the end of an average day and not have a sense of what I really accomplished. This can be long-term demoralizing because most of what I do only has long-term pay-offs. If I don’t feel I’m using each day wisely, it’s very easy to despair.

Now I’ve started living my life by design … which just writing those words gets me all perky and giddy inside!

Instead of goals, I create wins.

Instead of planning my days, I design them.

I have 6-month wins, monthly wins, and daily wins. I like the word “wins” because it makes me feel like I’m winning my life … and I do believe I’m just constantly playing games in life … career? a game I can win. relationships? games I can win … which doesn’t mean someone else loses; it just means I can make “winning” mean I create awesome experiences for myself and companions.

I don’t speculate more than 6 months out for a few reasons. One, how the hell can I really know? Two, it takes the adventure out of living. Three, my main 6-month wins are such game-changers that massive unpredictability happens once I achieve them. My 6-month wins are visions I have of the life I want to step into … a published author, thriving life breakthrough coach and planet-friendly entrepreneur.

Now, for my daily wins, I wake up and sit in silence for 5 minutes before surveying all my projects. I decide on 2-4 wins that, if I accomplished them today, would make me feel awesome and move forward my projects in meaningful ways. I never choose more than 4, because 4 meaningful wins in a day is already excellent. And my wins are meaningful. They aren’t petty little things like … making my bed. No, they’re WINS! like edit 2 chapters of my book, write and publish a blog, do a yoga class.

On days when I don’t design my day – for it’s a muscle I’m still building – I still work a lot, but I’ll probably get to the end of the day without a tangible sense of accomplishment. And without that, I live a little bit frustrated, by default, like I’m losing the game. I don’t even fully relax in the evening because … well, what the hell did I really do today and surely there’s so much I didn’t get done and I should keep working!!!

However, at the end of the day, when I can look up at my wipe board (I use 3 for my life designing) and check off 2-4 WINS! that I moved through during the day, I can move into my evening with deep satisfaction knowing that I indeed spent the day well. That’s priceless … and I relax much easier in the evening.

This is a really powerful tool for the mind that has big visions about what it wants to accomplish.

Even if you just want to enjoy each day fully, with no big vision for where it’s all leading, this can be a powerful way to ensure you take care of your health, exercise, and take simple actions that you know would simply make you feel great every day.

Just 2 to 4 wins a day. That’s all it takes!!

Try it out!

Right now … give yourself just 2 wins for today that, if you did them, would make you feel awesome tonight.

What do you think this would do for you if you did it daily??

… by the way, I coach people on this. It makes a huge difference. Click to learn more …


* unknown by me who said this originally. I heard it from author Marianne Williamson.

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