Love, Sex & Relationship Magic

~ An Audio Program to Enlighten You In Love ~

Do you know why relationships too often suck?

Because no one ever taught us how to do them better!

  • Do you hide your true desires from your partner?
  • Do you believe it takes “hard work” to make it work?
  • Did you watch your parents sacrifice themselves for the relationship (or for you)?
  • Have you learned to distrust men (or women)?
  • Have you decided you gotta fight (or manipulate) to get what you really want?

You are “doing relationship” with such tragic (and unnecessary) ignorance that you actually push away the love and affection you so deeply desire to have.

I did the same for most of my life.

Now, after waking up to this ignorance, I successfully coach couples and individuals into experiences of PROFOUND, AUTHENTIC LOVE like they never knew possible!

This 10+ hour audio program – for MEN, WOMEN, STRAIGHT, GAY – will open your eyes and your heart to what authentic love actually looks like and how to create it in your life whether you’re single or coupled.

And, you should know I absolutely use the tools and insights in this program to create extraordinary love with my exquisite partner, too.

You have never experienced a relationship program like this before.


“Your program has stirred and awoken a deep admiration for the feminine in me. 

I am almost looking forward to the next time my wife rages at me for some oversight and dizzyingly ties it to a million events of the past (many of which I have no real recollection or understanding of). I recoiled at this before. It terrified me. But now I want to rise to the challenge and love her and be strong with her during her next storm.

You have a gift. Your words penetrate.

~ John C ~

Bryan Reeves

Relationship Insight Ninja


“I have been dying to tell you how thrilled I am with your LSRM program. So richly engaging, enlightening and transformative in a succinct and relatable way. I gained greater insight into myself, my limiting beliefs and specific needs. Most profoundly, the areas of self-love I have been denying myself for so long as I put everyone else first. Your guidance around how men think and how I can support my man’s thinking and ultimately loving me better will forever alter how I interact with intimate partners in the future. 

I know now that I am painting this masterpiece that is my life. Thank you!”

~ Andrea N ~

Ready For A Magical Relationship?

Are you ready to stop doing relationship as adversaries and live in true partnership?

Are you ready to create love rooted in authenticity, trust, clarity and actual appreciation of differences?

Are you ready to be enlightened in love?

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This program will help you ...

  • Learn how to stop begging for love (and actually have it).
  • Understand (appreciate) a partner’s frustrating behavior like you never imagined possible.
  • Learn what to do when your partner emotionally checks-out.
  • Learn what to do when relationship feels overwhelming to you.
  • Communicate so you are actually heard/seen/cherished (and your partner is, too).
  • How to make your partner feel safe with you.
  • Stop having the same fights over and over again.
  • Understand why “people more in their masculine” are prone to lie.
  • Understand why “people more in their feminine” are prone to suddenly change their mind.
  • Stop being adversaries and learn how to be true partners again (like in the beginning).
  • Gain confidence in being authentic and vulnerable (which makes you more attractive).
  • Finally create a relationship you wake up everyday feeling truly grateful for.

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    Vacation With Your Lover

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Bryan Reeves Sitting Rocks Relationship Coach 470

Thats over $126,520

of tireless trying, relentless dissatisfaction and sexual dissatisfaction.

``Bryan's ability to bring me back to my core as a man while opening to my heart has been one of the greatest gifts I've had in my journey towards my own fullness. I have a deeper sense of self because of Bryan, and my relationship with my partner continues to blossom as a direct result!``

Jamie Yaman

``Bryan Reeves knocked my socks off. He provided a new perspective around how men function in relationships and provided insights on how I can better communicate my desires so that I can be heard, met and appreciated. I have mad respect for this man and the work he is doing in the world.``

Scarlet Amor

``I just love it. I am up to session 9 and they get better and better. I like the sequence in which the program is structured, it flows nicely and logically. I love the activities and exercises ... I feel this program is helping me a lot to understand myself and men better and grow as a woman. Thank you for helping us to learn how to fully love from love and not from ignorance or fear.``

Caroline Borda

14 Life & Relationship Changing Modules

… plus some other bonuses
MODULE 1: Thriving
What Does It Mean To THRIVE In Relationship?
Explore why making your partner responsible for your happiness never works.
MODULE 2: Get Real
Get Real With Your Relationship Experience. Do this inventory and see your relationship experience like you've never seen it before.
MODULE 3: Awareness
Understanding The Masculine, Cherishing The Feminine. Explore the essential differences between masculine and feminine energies.
MODULE 4: Initiative
The Sexiest 3 Words a Man Can Say to a Woman. Learn this key distinction in the masculine and feminine dance.
MODULE 5: Trust
The Sexiest 3 Words a Woman Can Say to a Man. Learn why feminine energy requires relaxation and safety to be sexy.
MODULE 6: The Stages
Three Stages of Love & The Stress-Free Box. Learn the 3 Stages of Love and discover which stage you’re living in (and why it matters)
MODULE 7: Self-Love
Self-Love & Deeper Into Stage Three. Do these powerful practices to hear (and feel) your partner in ways you’ve never heard (or felt) them before.
MODULE 8: Presence
The One Thing Women Are Afraid of in Men. Learn what a feminine partner needs most to feel safe in intimacy.
MODULE 9: Compatibility
The Basic (and Often Ignored) Foundations For Any Successful Relationship. Learn the difference between a fulfilling, sustainable relationship and everything else!
MODULE 10: Choice
Explore what it means to actively choose the partner you're with. What are the consequences for not choosing your partner ... even when you physically stay?
MODULE 11: Tools
Relationship Magic Tools, Practices & The Self-Love Diet. Powerful practices to embody these lessons for singles and couples of all sexual orientations.
MODULE 12: Mindset
Creating Relationship Magic. Get clarity around the intimacy fears you have been harboring in your mind for years.
MODULE 13: Feel
Learn why “Masculine Checkout Syndrome” is so painful to a feminine partner.
MODULE 14: Show Up!
Be inspired, both men and women, to finally own the powerful truth of who you are!
Plus Over 6 Hours of Bonus Content
Deepen your understanding through this exclusive collection of 9 bonus modules – podcasts, interviews, and the recording of an actual live coaching session with Bryan and a struggling couple.


(Over 6 Hours of Additional Content)

Learning to Shift from Fear to Love

The Art of Mastering Relationships

Porn Addiction

What Women Say They Want But Really Don’t

Turning the Hard Times of Divorce Into Gold

The One Engagement That Matters (The One With Yourself)

Following Your Highest Excitement

An Actual Live Recording of a Couple’s Coaching Session with Bryan (an extra $300 value!)

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FREE ACCESS to Bryan’s “LOVE MAGIC” Group Coaching (an extra $600/year value … yours indefinitely!)

Create Your Own Magical Relationship

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