Facebook Causes Divorce? … I Don't Think So.

March 16, 2013


Facebook is now cited as a contributing factor in 1 out of every 3 divorces. Most people hear this and frame Facebook as a disrupting force, something that has come into our lives and suddenly made relationships even more challenging and complicated. Facebook even gives us the option of listing our relationship status as “It’s Complicated”. (thanks, Facebook. but aren’t all relationships complicated?)

Personally, I see this incredible statistic and just think, “yup, it’s getting harder for us to hide from ourselves.”

I was in a relationship where Facebook was a stress point. I realized it’s just a master enabler of aspects of our humanity that we haven’t yet fully reckoned with. It’s bringing our shadow parts to the surface that we otherwise work hard to hide.

If we pay attention, though, all the commotion Facebook can stir up in a relationship can point the way home to our authentic selves, and even more authentic relationships.

I believe in this way Facebook can actually help humanity evolve.

What authentic, vulnerable conversations do we really need to be having with our partners that we clearly are not having?

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