"Getting Into THE Way"

October 1, 2009


Hi! I’m Bryan. I manage “worldbeat pop spiritual fusion” band, HERE II HERE – formerly known as Inner Voice – and I manage them exclusively. I’m not your average music band manager. In fact, I’m not even a music band manager. I simply happen to be the perfect person on this planet to manage this band given everything I’ve experienced in my life, leading to this moment … and when life shows the way elsewhere, I won’t be their manager anymore.

Until that moment presents itself, someday beyond my current vision, I’m going to enjoy this experience all the way down into the deep juice of my bone marrow. My experience with HERE II HERE is MAGICAL. And I want to start sharing that experience with others … because this has been one of the most rewarding, exhilarating, therapeutic, and spiritually deepening experiences of my life.

And it’s about to get even more interesting. We’re in the midst of our first major touring experience … throughout the USA and CANADA into most of 2010. We’ve already covered much of the East Coast this past summer. We’re resting and doing some performances mostly in Miami until we head back out in January.

I’ll be updating this blog with interesting insight from the Manager’s perspective. In addition to all the juicy behind the scenes stuff I get to see, it’s simply my job to look at the whole picture from the Eagle’s Eye point of view … and sometimes I’ll share my thoughts with you and welcome yours back.

My biggest practice these days is to get out of the way … or rather get in “THE WAY” … the natural Flow of things … and allow the universe to rain down all the blessings it no doubt has in store for me and HERE II HERE at every moment. And if one of those blessings comes through one of your comments on my blog, all the better!

Welcome to my world!

Namaste / Nomistake!


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