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Why ‘The Feminine’ Will Destroy You (and You Need Her To) (046)

As this coronavirus pandemic has been unfolding, I’ve been replaying over and over in my mind that scene from the movie Avatar, at the end, where Pandora – that’s the name of the planet the movie takes place on – marshals all her resources, all the creatures of the planet, to come together to fight … Read more

How To Date (and Love) Authentically, Powerfully w/ Joshua Hathaway and Robert Schwenkler (045)

Do you ever repress your desires for fear of being judged or rejected? Do you know how to lead powerfully with authenticity in the dating world? Are you turned off (and secretly fascinated) by the pick-up artist world? In this episode, my guests, Joshua Hathaway and Robert Schwenkler, and I, mine these questions and more … Read more

Why You Must Do The One Thing (You Love) Every Day (044)

What is the one thing you know you should be doing everyday to ensure you have an epic day? Are you regularly doing it? If not, why not? … Are you aware of the cost? In this episode, inspired by a conversation I had just last night,  I’m gonna share with you both my triumphs … Read more

Where Do We Go From Here (043)

In this episode I share with you how 2019 was for this podcast, including specific download numbers and insights, and also 4 powerful lessons I learned doing this. Also, given it’s the end of 2019, I share my Life Theme Mantra process and invite you to create your own for 2020 (see video below – … Read more

Stop This Tragic Cycle (Ruining Your Relationship) (042)

Ever been stuck in a relationship cycle of disagreement, arguing, then breakdown? Do you dismiss feelings – yours or another’s – as invalid when they don’t make sense to you? Do you ache for more harmony and ease in intimate relationship? In this episode I dive into my popular blog: Stop This Tragic Cycle In … Read more

5 Signs A Man Is Connected to Heart (041)

Why is it important for a man to learn how to connect to his heart? What does it really look like when a man is connected to his heart? How can a man connect to heart without disconnecting from his balls? In this episode, I dive into those questions by diving into one of my … Read more

There Are No Evil Atoms w/ Leigh McCloskey (040)

Have you considered whether the daily questions you live in are sourced in fear? Or in wonder? Do you regularly spend time with what truly matters to you? Where do you go when you can’t run away (from your challenges) anymore? This is one of my favorite conversations I’ve ever had with another human being. … Read more

Learn to Shift Your Mindset (Fastest Way to Change Your Life) (039)

Are you sure it’s your circumstances holding you back? Are you sure you don’t have everything you want because of too many things outside your control? Could it be that your mindset has far more affect on your life than your circumstances? Could it be that simply changing your mindset, can change your life profoundly? … Read more

Fix Less, Feel More (You’ll Feel Better) w/ Joshua Wenner (038)

Do you ever feel emotionally … stuck? Ever say (think) you’re over something when you’re just not? Could so many of your so-called “problems” actually resolve themselves if you could just BE with your feelings? (hint: yes) I love what Joshua Wenner is up to in the world, in particular his work to help men … Read more

Stop Seeking Success (Let It Find You, Instead) w/ Sam Ryter (037)

Are you “trying too hard” to succeed … Could that be getting in the way of success? What if “letting go” was the fastest way to the success you dream of? Could the same hold true for relationship success? Sam Ryter is actually a former coaching client of mine. We worked together in the first … Read more


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