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When You Hit Bottom w/ Brad Wetzler (099)

Have you ever gone on a journey into the world that fundamentally changed you? Have you figured it out by now what means to truly live a good life? Might you still be functioning as an adult from childhood wounds unexamined ?  In this episode I had the pleasure of connecting with Brad Wetzler whose … Read more

Fierce Empathy w/ David Waldy (098)

Have you figured out what empathy actually is?  Do you have a negative view of empathy? Have you ever considered empathy can also be fierce and powerful? In this episode, I dive into the concept of empathy and its true meaning. Do you hold a negative view of empathy? And have you considered that empathy … Read more

Just Give The World Your Gifts Already! w/ Jairek Robbins (097)

Are you consistently offering your unique gifts to the world? Might you be offering your gifts in one critical area of life, only to be offering little or nothing in another critical area? How can you know if you’ve fully stepped out from living in your father’s shadow? Well, in this episode, I mine these … Read more

How to Speak Your Truth (Skillfully) w/ Vasavi Kumar (096)

Do you struggle to let people in to what’s really going on for you? Are you afraid your intimate partner doesn’t really want to hear what’s true for you on this inside? Do you know how to skillfully talk with others about what you really want and need? In this episode, we have the pleasure … Read more

Design The Man Within w/ Johnny Elsasser (095)

Could you potentially be sitting on a reservoir of shame, or guilt, or regret? Do you tend to resist changing to meet the demands of the world around you? Do you feel deeply connected to your authentic power in all domains of life? As men, we often face a variety of challenges when it comes … Read more

How Men’s Fears of Women Shape Their Intimate Relationships w/ Dr. Avrum Weiss (094)

Have you ever considered that you might might be afraid of women? Have you ever felt afraid of a woman’s emotions? Or your own? Do you ever walk on eggshells around women, and do you loathe that? In this episode Dr. Avrum Weiss and I explore these questions and more to provide useful insights that … Read more

Masculine Leadership: From The Core w/ John Wineland (093)

Do you agree with those who say the world doesn’t need masculinity, or men? Of course you don’t but do you think it is time for a new vision of masculinity, one that would truly serve the world rather than only seek to dominate over it? Do you know what that vision could look like? … Read more

Why We Must Face Our Darkness w/ Connor Beaton (092)

What is men’s work, really? Why do men often resist it? What happens for men in the world of men’s work? In this episode, my guest, Connor Beaton, the creator of the renowned organization Mantalks, and I mine these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life. I love … Read more

Living Connected to Heart w/ HeartMath co-founder Bruce Cryer (091)

What does it mean to be a man connected to the heart? What is the gift of feeling emotions, anyway? What can you do to be more connected to the heart?  In this episode, my guest is Bruce Cryer, he’s a man of many gifts, talents and experiences, but perhaps most notably, he’s a co-founder … Read more

Mastering Fatherhood w/ Kelly Gardner (090)

What is the essential role of a father? Have you faced your own father-wounds yet? Or are you still, on some level, holding it against your father for not being all you needed him to be? Kelly Gardner is a deep, wise man and a father. Kelly is yet another man in my recent series … Read more