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The 5 Pillars of A Thriving Man (073)

Why do men (even when we succeed) often struggle to enjoy our daily lives? What are we missing on our endlessly futile “pursuit of happiness”? What are the key ingredients for a deeply fulfilling life? In this episode, I mine these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life. … Read more

Letting Go (When The World is Falling Apart) w/ Peter Russell (072)

How do you practice “letting go”? What does “letting go” even really mean? Can you “let go” AND still take powerful, effective action? In this episode, my guest, the brilliant and wise author, teacher, lecturer, sage, Peter Russell, and I mine these questions and more to help make a meaningful difference in your life. Peter … Read more

How Healthy Relationships Do Conflict w/ Jayson Gaddis (071)

What did your father teach you about conflict? What does conflict look like in healthy relationships? Do healthy couples regularly experience conflict? And if so, how do they do it? In this episode, my guest, relationship expert Jayson Gaddis, and I mine these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in … Read more

Men & Emotions w/ Mark Groves (070)

Are you constantly trying to make your partner more like you? (i.e. less emotional, more rational, etc.) Are you constantly getting stuck over your differences? Do you struggle to really feel your feelings? In this episode, I’m talking with my old friend, Mark Groves, founder of “Create The Love” a massively successful Instagram Page and … Read more

Radical Responsibility as a Path to Wisdom w/ Dr. Fleet Maull (069)

In this episode: Dr. Maull and I talk about his prison experience as a convicted drug “Kingpin”; what happened with his son both during and after his prison experience; about the importance of emotional intelligence as a foundation for healthy relationships; the need for men to gather with other men in doing essential personal growth … Read more

No Accountability, No Greatness w/ Tayo Rockson (068)

Are you living inside of stressful stories that don’t serve your life? Why should you be aware of the emotional triggers in your body? Do you know what your core values are? In this episode, my guest is Tayo Rockson. Tayo Rockson is a man whose work I’m just beginning to learn about. He’s been … Read more

Don’t Overthink It w/ Sylvester McNutt III (067)

Are you addicted to overthinking? (like I am) How do you know what to say yes to, or no to? Do you understand the essential importance of being in a men’s group? In this episode, my guest is author Sylvester McNutt III. I loved this conversation with Sylvester. In fact, this conversation felt more like … Read more

When Men Don’t Grow Up … Everyone Suffers (066)

Do you prefer the fantasy of relationship to the reality of it? Does relationship seem like an ongoing problem (you have yet to solve)? Could it be that …. we men have been set up to fail in love? Recently, I got an excited call from one of my closest friends. Tait. Tait is actually … Read more

The Journey of Soul Initiation w/ Bill Plotkin (065)

What does it look like to live a truly authentic life? Not just the way some 22-year old tik-tok’er might tell you to live “authentically” … but I mean to live daily connected to the your soul’s deepest purpose for living? … What does THAT kind of life look like? Perhaps more importantly, how do … Read more

Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her) – Part Two (064)

Do you struggle with intimate relationship? Do you have a hard time choosing your partner every … single … day? Do you ever feel UNCHOSEN by your intimate partner? This episode is a bit unusual in that it’s actually a rebroadcast of another podcast I was recently featured on, The Art of Authenticity, hosted by … Read more