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109. The Deeper Truths of (Sexual) Polarity w/ Michaela Boehm

In this episode, my brilliant guest is Michaela Boehm. Michaela Boehm is one of the most influential and wise teachers who’s work has profoundly influenced my life. I was fortunate to study with her personally over the course of about 3 or 4 years. I was certified by her as an “Intimacy & Attraction” workshop … Read more

108. How to Be Fully Enlivened & Powerfully On Purpose w/ Tait Arend

In this episode, my brilliant and inspired guest is none other than Tait Arend. Tait is my business partner in “Men, This Way,” and my co-faciltator for the last 3 years in the men’s work I’ve been hosting for men all over the world. He and I together have stewarded around 50 men through our … Read more

107. Men Aren’t Prepared For Real Intimacy w/ Mark Groves

Today I’m talking with my old friend, Mark Groves, founder of “Create The Love,” the massively successful Instagram Page and Community dedicated to helping people create inspired and inspiring relationships.  This is actually a rebroadcast of an episode Mark and I did on HIS podcast.  I just love my conversations with Mark, and in this … Read more

106. Fathers, Sons, and Rites of Passage w/ Luke Entrup

In today’s episode, I engage in a profound conversation with the founder of “The Father Son Connection Experience,” Luke Entrup. We discuss various topics related to men and emotions, fathers and sons, and rites of passage for boys at different ages.  HIGHLIGHTS (brought to you by … obviously … AI!) (00:00) Intro (07:03) Some significant … Read more

105. The Grand Delusions of Fame & Success w/ Adrian Grenier

Today, I have the pleasure of hosting actor and activist Adrian Grenier as my guest. You may recognize Adrian from his roles in the popular HBO series “Entourage” or his appearances in films like “The Devil Wears Prada” alongside Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, and Emily Blunt. More recently, he has been featured in the Netflix … Read more

104. Death Brings Gifts w/ Hal Elrod

Have you ever been confronted with death? Either yours or someone else’s? What gifts has that confrontation brought you? (it has brought you gifts, right?) Are you daily committed to making every day your best day? If not, why not? In this episode, my esteemed guest, Hal Elrod, author of “The Miracle Morning,” and I … Read more

103. The Wisdom of Psychedelics w/ Dr Rachel Harris

Have you ever experienced a transformational psychedelic trip? Have you ever experienced a traumatic psychedelic trip?  Are you curious about the world of psychedelic therapy and whether it might benefit you? In this episode my brilliant guest is Dr.Rachel Harris, and together she & I mine these questions and more for wise insights that can … Read more

102. The Eloquence of Silence w/ Thomas Moore

Do you ever feel overburdened by the busyness our modern lives require? Do you practice creating spaciousness, emptiness in your daily life? Have you ever tasted profound freedom in a moment of aimless being? Join us for a profound conversation with the esteemed Thomas Moore, a true elder in a world crowded with older men … Read more

101. Man’s Fear of Aliveness w/ Ken Page

Do you repress yourself expression for reasons conscious or otherwise ? Do you find it difficult to cry ? Or feel real joy ? Might you disconnect from the world around you out of self protection?  In this thought-provoking  episode, my guest Ken Page and I embark on a deep exploration of gender identity and … Read more

100. Stop Playing Son To Your Father w/ John Lee

Are you still wanting (even subconsciously) your father to “show up”? Are you angry at your father, or resigned from him, and yet something still nags at you about it? Do you have any wise elders you can consistently look up to, whom you can trust to help you navigate difficult situations? I am incredibly … Read more