118. You Will Never Grow, If You Don’t Do This

“One of the benefits of having this tool, knowing how to hold other men accountable, is that you get to call men into their greatness. You get to help your kids, your partners, your friends, and your own life step into greatness. So, this is not just a tool for your benefit; it’s about developing … Read more

117. Conflict to Connection: How to End & Repair Unnecessary Conflict

“Sometimes the initiation of conflict is really a bid for connection. It’s really a desire to figure out how we can get this connection going again. A thriving intimate relationship through conflict and repair, it’s vital for us. It’s vital for our health, for our longevity and for our children. But what we need as … Read more

116. Are You Sure Your Partner Feels Safe With You?

“Getting into a relationship is one of the most courageous acts that men and women can have. Each of us are bringing our own pain and suffering into a relationship, and now trying to work it out between two couples. Not only that, everybody’s walking into a new relationship with a 100% breakup rate prior … Read more

115. Our Experience Surrendering Control to Gain Real Power

“Pretending to have control where we don’t only leads to losing ourselves in the chaos…Embracing this, we learn to dance with uncertainty, finding true power not in control, but in acceptance and adaptability.” – Tait   Today on Men, This Way: 6:30 – The overwhelming complexities of life and finding power in surrender  9:30 – … Read more

114. Confronting Masculine Checkout Syndrome in Relationships

“One of the things we have to be willing to do as men is look at what the impact our actions and our lack of presence is having on ourselves and on the people that we care about most.” – Tait   Today on Men, This Way: Commitment challenges men face with fully choosing partners … Read more

113. A New Era Begins: 40 Years of Friendship, Masks Men Wear, Embracing Honesty

“As men, we paint our faces the best we know how, and we go out into the world and try to be good men, fathers, workers, providers, lovers — and in large measure, because we don’t know what we’re doing, we end up leaving a trail of tears behind for ourselves and for the people … Read more

Men, This Way – The Trailer

Few men have safe, trustworthy spaces for real conversations about the things that matter most to us. Instead, men have suffered in silence, but that changes now. Join renowned author and men’s coach, Bryan Reeves, and his lifelong best friend, Tait Arend, a leadership coach, as they delve deep into the urgent topics men are … Read more

112. The 3 Reasons Men Check Out of Relationship (And How To Step Back In)

Do you know why men tend to check out of relationships? Do you know the 3 Pillars of Intimacy? Do you have a tried and tested roadmap for creating a thriving relationship? Welcome … I’ve got a fantastic episode for you today … I’m putting out less episodes at the moment because something big is … Read more

111. Challenges I’ve Faced in Relationship With My Wife w/ Silvy Khoucasian (My Wife)

Do all relationships struggle? What even is intimacy … really? Why do so many men struggle with relationships and intimacy? In this episode, my very special guest and I dive into these questions and more for useful insights to make a meaningful difference in your life … And my very special guest is … my … Read more

110. The Roadmap To Enlivenment For Men

Do you live with an inspired vision guiding your way? Have you set up accountability to help you achieve what you deeply desire? Are you really even aware of what’s in your way of achieving it? In this episode, my brilliant guest is again, none other than my life long childhood friend, Tait Arend, … … Read more