Don't give into this temptation

October 12, 2013


Sometimes I hear a voice in my head grumble, “Why bother blogging?” If there’s already so many thoughtful blogs out there, what difference could my voice possibly make? Anyway, it seems I’ve set a high standard for myself; if I don’t think I have a real wowzer to share with you, why say anything?

But then I remember how much insanity there is in the world today. I’d be doing a disservice if I did NOT share the empowering thoughts constantly rushing through my head. Some of you may choose to not read them, or even unsubscribe. Some of you will choose to share what I write and pass on the empowering thought to another. It’s not my business what happens after I hit “publish”. It IS my business to simply publish.

Writing lights me up like a glow stick. That’s reason enough for me.

So if you ever catch yourself thinking about whether to share your gift and you hear a cynical voice say, “oh, what’s the damn point?” … don’t listen to it. It’s tempting you to hide, to play it safe and small.

Yes, it’s risky to put yourself out there. Your offering may be rejected or, perhaps worse, ignored. Either way, you can’t know till you get it out. The point anyway is to be your own glow stick.

So when that voice groans, “what’s the point?” … you just say:

The damn point is for me to express whatever I came to this planet to express! So you just go sit in your little corner and sulk while I get on with living my brilliant life!

… and then you hit “publish” … or sign it, print it, sing it, ship it, release it, dance it, romance it. Whatever it is you came here to do. You just do it and then feel awesome about it. Whatever happens next is not your business.

Do you ever hear a voice holding you back from expressing your gift(s)?

Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 2.31.56 PM

A Man all aglow at Burning Man Festival 2012. Pic by Bryan Reeves.
A Man all aglow at Burning Man Festival 2012. Pic by Bryan Reeves.

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