Connect To The Wild Within

When you step outside today … when you emerge from whatever concrete, brick, plastic, glass, steel structure you spend most of your time inside each day, take a moment to listen for the silence that lay just beneath the pavement … just beneath the frenetic rushhhhhh of engines moving in every direction whisking us impatient from one random spot to another … just beneath the soft click and whiiirrrrrr of all those fans working to cool the rising hot fever of our manic humanity. Unless you live in the quieting northern lands, where autumn’s crisp air shuts down our cooling machines and that ever-present, rich stillness is beginning to wrap itself around you just a wee bit tighter … if you let it.

If you listen closely, you’ll discover there’s a wild, untamed world just beneath this mirage of concrete and steel; a world in which you are already free to live as you please, not beholden to any social decree for how you’re supposed to show up everyday and labor for that inherently condescending paycheck (“this is what your time is worth?”) and false security that will never cure your heart’s restlessness.

Take a moment to notice that wild earth underneath you. You emerged from that earth. And it will reclaim you … perhaps sooner than you know.

The land you stand upon, before it was buildings and shopping malls and highways and houses, was once timeless. It was a vast, mighty land dancing only to nature’s rhythms, not the rhythms of an economic engine designed to keep you enslaved to another man’s clock.

This is not an anti-commerce rant. I’m not anti-commerce.

I simply invite you to notice the deeper truth of who you really are, where you really came from, and what your real choices are while you’re still alive on this planet.

You are, quite literally … Earth … come alive.

Today, connect with the wild within and all around you. You’re not beholden to anyone’s rules. Not even your own.

Live your brilliance. Today. Get on with it already.

“How do I know if I’m living my brilliance?”,  you ask??? … You’re having fun.

Enjoy yourself out there.


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