What Truth is Your Life Aching to Express?

October 19, 2013


Great art hijacks our timid caterpillar thoughts and sends us soaring unrestrained into the mysterious realms of wild, untamed truth.

Android Jones - "Love is a riot"
(painting by Android Jones – “Love is a Riot”)

Throughout history, we passionately admire the audacious artists who express what we may literally be dying to say but can’t say, don’t know how to say, or didn’t even know we wanted to say! Art is celebrated precisely because it transcends the rational mind. Truly great art reconnects us viscerally to the embodied wisdom that lies beyond our intellectual perception.

In oppressive cultures where free-thinking is not only discouraged but punished, art still finds a way to out the truth with colorful whispers and scrambled symbols. The authentic artist, unmoved by society’s rules and traditions, is a subversive conduit by which the truths society denies are brazenly brought into awareness. Such an artist is a clear crystalline prism daring enough to stare straight into the sun and grab with bare hands sizzling light beams of undiluted truth. Through her very being, the unapologetic artist fractures that raw light into infinite patterns of breathing rainbow which infiltrate the cold, calculating world of ego-mind with exotic, disruptive explosions of color. She stirs up the delicious yearning already living in our hearts.

Each of us has such a seditious artist within.

Some have locked her deep inside a tiny, quiet, dormant ventricle in their barely breathing hearts, her limbs chained together, her mouth taped shut. Nonetheless, there she waits, an unbreakable revolutionary always at the ready to reveal the feral truths that might upend our world’s precious but false beliefs … the ones that imprison us in discomfort.

As the war for truth rages in the world outside us, between rebellious artist and cultural watchdog, so it also rages within us. We may have her gagged and bound, but the energy we spend keeping her so, slowly drains us of our life force.

No matter your occupation, your life is an art project with something essential to say to humanity.

What is your life trying to say?

Go ahead … we’re listening.





* this blog is an excerpt from my coming book, Tell The Truth, Let The Peace Fall Where It May)

* See Android Jones’ “Love Is A Riot” in detail @ http://androidjones-obtain.com/products/love-is-a-riot

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  • So interesting….the other day I was listening to Ani Difranco and thinking…wow she feels much of what I do, she has just found a way to express it and she is admired by so many. I thought if I only I could be that artist I would finally have found a way to be understood precisely when it no longer mattered.

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