Why I Gave Up Women For 30 Days (Video)

October 25, 2013

I was recently invited to speak about my “30-Day Woman Fast” in Los Angeles. Here’s that short 6-minute presentation. … And no, it wasn’t only about sex. Just watch. I’ll bet you find yourself in there. Please share it with others who might appreciate this perspective of one man’s authentic experience in his relationship to women, sexuality, addiction, self-worth, and weird vegetables.

NOTE: Those passionate words I use in my talk are just wind vibrating across vocal chords. Don’t let ’em get in the way.



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      • Hi Bryan, thank you for sharing your experience, it’s fascinating.
        A man I live with has done that during his travels over seven months duration a while back. He was very happy with results. He had better clarity and focus. He enjoyed other things much more. He was more in touch with himself and learned to value himself more. He no longer feels lonly or incomlete and enjoys his “me time”.
        I, on the other hand don’t feel complete without him and find myself frequently restless when not together. I know I don’t have a luxury to go to travel by myself like he did in hopes to get to discover myself as well. The 30 days chalenge that you took works for singles obviously…
        Could it work for a couple, life partners living together?

        • I might suggest something a little different for a couple. Perhaps just the “hoping” part of the diet – a “30-Day Hoping” Diet: Give up HOPING your partner will do ANYTHING that you actually WANT him to do, and practice instead just BEING with whatever feelings of disappointment, anxiety, frustration, may arise in the experience. To be clear: this isn’t a suggestion for a lifetime; a relationship doesn’t work if your partner doesn’t do ANYTHING you want him to, but for the intention of learning how to BE WITH YOURSELF, you can practice letting your partner be WHOEVER he wants to be for 30 days, and notice that you’re just fine (a good mindfulness meditation practice can help you through this practice, too … I created a meditation on Trust & Surrender that might help:


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