We Men Must Learn How to Grieve (Everything)

♦◊♦ In 2010, I spent 12 months in a purple SUV Dodge Durango crisscrossing North America on the most wondrous adventure with five other men, five brilliant musical shamans forever my brothers. That purple Durango – which anyone not color blind (like me) would always insist was blue – held us safe as we made … Read more

A Man Divided Causes Stress In His Partner

Throughout my 20s and 30s, I often stayed in relationships I was deeply divided about staying in. My mouth would make promises my bones knew I couldn’t keep. Which made life awful for any woman who ever tried to love me.

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The Truth is Simple (Only Your Cover-ups Are Complicated)

“If I tell you the real truth about me, you won’t love me.” That single thought has driven me to madness for most of my life. It’s like having a nasty little thought-vampire living in my head with fangs like dagger straws sucking out the oxygen-rich blood that would otherwise fuel clarity in my …

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Beating Jealousy: Two Simple Truths

♦◊♦ Jealousy. That scourge of intimacy that, at its worst, can rob even the most sane person of his or her mental stability as it drags them disoriented and damned into a fiery living nightmare where they’re likely to be tortured by their own fantastical fictions. When jealousy settles into a relationship the consequences can

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Overcoming Your Biggest Relationship Challenges

Recently, I asked you directly about your biggest challenges in intimate relationships. Hundreds of you brilliant souls responded. Today, in gratitude for your generosity, I want to offer you 3 things: 1 –  The Top Results of that Survey 2 –  Powerful insights that can help you around your top intimacy challenges. 3 –  An exclusive

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It’s Healthy For Men To Question Our Sexuality

♦◊♦ When I was 22 and in the US Air Force, I spent 4 months wondering if I was gay. I was stationed in Oklahoma City, deeply unhappy, certain I was supposed to be doing something on the planet far more inspired and evolutionary than learning about avionics systems on 50-year old KC-135 aircraft. Although

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Hiding Weakness Kills Men

Most men think we have to bear our burdens alone. We don’t confess our worries, our sadnesses, our confusion, our despair. And that kills men.

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Bringing Mindfulness to the US Military

On Friday, I returned to the US Military. I hadn’t been on a military installation in official capacity in over 13 years. But the world is shifting. A few months ago, I got an email from an Army Lieutenant Colonel. She had just read my popular blog on The Daily Love about how to give

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Why I Gave Up Women For 30 Days (Video)

I was recently invited to speak about my “30-Day Woman Fast” in Los Angeles. Here’s that short 6-minute presentation. … And no, it wasn’t only about sex. Just watch. I’ll bet you find yourself in there. Please share it with others who might appreciate this perspective of one man’s authentic experience in his relationship to women,

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