You get what you MUST have!

  “People get what they MUST have.” Tony Robbins said that on Saturday during one of the most powerful weekends I’ve experienced in years, his Unleash The Power Within seminar. Tony Robbins is the masculine embodiment of grounded human potential both understood and expressed (I’ll explain that another time). This is the point: Want to raise

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There’s nothing you ‘have to’ do … ever!

We need to watch our language!!! I’m not talking about cursing. I’m pretty sure God wants us to curse. I’m talking about the language most of us use everyday that subtly makes ME a victim to MY OWN choices. How many times a day do you say (or think) “I have to do this,” or

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Facebook Causes Divorce? … I Don't Think So.

Facebook is now cited as a contributing factor in 1 out of every 3 divorces. Most people hear this and frame Facebook as a disrupting force, something that has come into our lives and suddenly made relationships even more challenging and complicated. Facebook even gives us the option of listing our relationship status as “It’s

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Jesus Loves Everyone — Even Drag Queens!

I recorded a VIDEO BLOG about my recent moment in the bustling streets of Santa Monica, California … AS A DRAG QUEEN, holding a “JESUS LOVES EVERYONE” sign … after losing an “everyone-wins” $15,000 bet with Here II Here. … Watch, Laugh, and Be Grateful!!  

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"You're Perfect" – holding that sign on a California street corner"

We’re all gathered back in Los Angeles. After a strong 3-month run, January through March, we took a much-needed break before coming back together for a marquee performance at Agape Int’l Spiritual Center … perhaps the pinnacle community of the “spiritual” niche we’ve been charging through the past 2 years. But that’s not what I

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