You get what you MUST have!

March 25, 2013



“People get what they MUST have.” Tony Robbins said that on Saturday during one of the most powerful weekends I’ve experienced in years, his Unleash The Power Within seminar. Tony Robbins is the masculine embodiment of grounded human potential both understood and expressed (I’ll explain that another time).

This is the point:

Want to raise the quality of your life? … Raise your standards.

I got so damn present to how I’ve been selling myself wildly short for so long now.

My current living situation is a great example. I moved into a 5-roommate home a few months ago that I was never thrilled to live in. Rather than acknowledging the place was not going to work for me and looking for a place that would, I made minor adjustments to my room so I could at least tolerate waking up there every morning.

Do you get what I just wrote? …… I made living in my current home “tolerable” rather than working to create a living situation that thrilled me. Clearly it’s a reflection of my belief that “I don’t have to have a living situation any better than this.” Which incidentally stands on the shaky shoulders of another belief that I’m running out of money and can’t take the risk of a larger rent I might not be able to afford in 6 months.

BULLSHIT! … if I can’t pay rent in 6 months it’s only because having the money to do so has not been a MUST for me. Well, it is now a MUST for me. I’m not talking about luxury living. I’m just talking about a place that I feel good in.

I just wrote a blog that “there’s nothing you have to do.” In this case, it means I don’t have to ever stay somewhere I’m not happy, not for any reason. Life may temporarily place me somewhere I didn’t anticipate being, but if I choose to simply living “tolerable” it’s only because I’m choosing not to transform my caterpillar ass into butterfly wings that could soar my way up to “fantastic!”

Low standards may have saved me money, but they’ve cost me a fortune in joyful expression!

My low standards have kept me:

… in living situations I didn’t fully enjoy
… in work situations that didn’t thrill me or return the value I was pouring in
… in clothes I didn’t feel juicy and delicious in
… on diets that depleted my body and drained my vitality
… in relationships that didn’t and clearly were never going to fully meet me

No more.

I MUST have a home that I feel good living in. Sure I could stay in the name of that classic “spiritual lesson” of learning to love what is, that nothing outside me is responsible for my happiness.

But I’m finding more and more that with an authentically open heart I can fully embrace what IS in this exact moment and STILL focus my energy towards creating the life I REEEEALLY want to be living … TODAY.

I’m moving May 1st.

Where in your life have low standards cost you the full rich expression of your joy?

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