Overcoming Your Biggest Relationship Challenges

December 9, 2014

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Recently, I asked you directly about your biggest challenges in intimate relationships. Hundreds of you brilliant souls responded.

Today, in gratitude for your generosity, I want to offer you 3 things:

1 –  The Top Results of that Survey
2 –  Powerful insights that can help you around your top intimacy challenges.
3 –  An exclusive OPPORTUNITY for my blog readers who are truly ready for some massive shifts in 2015 (YOU, personally).

1) The Top Survey Results (“Understanding Men, Cherishing Women”)

A) For people in intimate relationships, what are your main challenges? 

Your Top 4:
1. My partner is often checked out emotionally. (49%)
2. We don’t communicate well. (46%)
3. I struggle to be authentic because I’m scared to upset my partner. (46%)
4. My partner doesn’t want to grow (43%)

B) For singles, what are your main challenges in relationships? 

Your Top 4:
1. I can’t find the right one (52%)
2. I’ve been disappointed, let down too much to be in relationship again (44%)
3. There’s too few good men/women out there (37%)
4. I don’t know how to be myself around them (37%)

2) Insights Into Your Top Challenges

Watch this video. It’s 12-minutes of juicy insight into your top challenges. This video just might completely shift your relationship experience. I don’t address everything, as that would be much more than just one video (coming soon)!


3) My Exclusive Offer to You (but only if you’re really, really ready to have my support to create change in your life). 

Ready for some truth? Ideas are great. Inspiration is powerful. But until you are truly committed and have accountability and support, change is really hard. And I want you to have what you want. More than you know…

I’ve been building towards what’s about to happen for almost 15 years. 2015 is going to be a massive year for me.

My blog readership is exploding with millions of people around the world reading my work everyday. I’m beginning to book speaking gigs and plan workshop retreats with brilliant collaborators in places like Bali and Costa Rica. I’m creating exciting online programs to share every life-changing insight I’ve suffered for. And I’ve just teamed up with world-class business partners to help me do it all.

I want this for you, too. 

Soon, I won’t be able to offer private coaching like I do now, as I am working to create programs and offerings that can serve many, many people.

So, before that happens, I want to offer you the opportunity to create your own massive 2015 by experiencing powerful, transformational private coaching with me, one-on-one. 

Now listen, this is not for you if you want to dabble in change.

This is for you if you are committed to and serious about having more of what you want in 2015. This is for you if you are willing to go deep, get real and take full responsibility for your life.

This opportunity is not inexpensive, in more ways than just the money, but the investment (of more than just money) will pay dividends for years to come.

I am only accepting 3 or 4 people as private clients. 

Since thousands of people will also be reading this email, I have created an application so you can share a bit more about yourself with me. 

You can access it here: https://bryanreeves.com/#!apply/c1ana


If you’re yearning for an exquisite intimate relationship experience and to move powerfully through other areas of your life in 2015, we can prepare the foundation by diving deep into:

* Your Biggest Relationship Challenges
* Your Biggest Dream(s)
* Your Life Vision
* The Invisible Dynamics that May Be Resisting Your Deepest Desires
* Enhancing Your Experience of Sexual Polarity, Romance and Love
* Restoring Connection to Your True Masculine/Feminine Core
* Understanding What Your Partner Really Wants From You
* Career Strategies
* Enhancing Your Creativity
* Starting / Completing Passion Projects

If you want to kick off 2015 with a massive shift in your life, let’s do this. 

Here is the link to the application: http://goo.gl/forms/YMWdi7YucW

Again, I am only accepting 3 or 4 private clients to begin working with me immediately.

Please only apply if you are truly ready for this level of support so as not to take the opportunity from another who truly is …

In deep gratitude,

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