Save Your Relationship by Embracing Feelings


I care about your feelings.

My partner once texted me those words shortly after an argument.

When I saw her text, my first thought was …

“Why? … I don’t even care about my feelings. … Anyway, everything is fine, I’ll be fine.”

As I watched myself dismiss my own feelings (I wasn’t really “fine”), I had a profound insight about how the “shallow masculine” program running in us all – men AND women – that teaches us to deny feelings, both in ourselves and in our partners … destroys relationships!

I share that insight in the video.

Do you see how “denying feelings” has affected your relationship(s)?

Please let me know in the comments below.

P.S. Also, please forgive the mustache. It was just a … brief phase … I went through (tragically).

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  • Thank you Bryan. I love this explanation! I feel I may have stumbled upon it a couple weeks too late though. I have had complete silence from my partner for almost 2 weeks .

    • Hi Cynthia, I’m sorry to hear that. I find that silence in intimacy can be devastatingly LOUD! It certainly can be intense communication. May you discover soon what this experience has come to teach you. Wishing you well on the journey. If you would like any support around this, please email me at

  • David Data has a lot of really sexist and illegitimate paradigms about men and women that he preaches. I wouldn’t recommend anyone work on their relationships with his philosophies. Maybe if you’re both very engrained in old gender norms and are comfortable with these ideas but in a lot of his talks he’s very condescending to women and building a relationship on the basis of seeing the women as less logical isn’t a great way to breed respect and equality in a relationship.

  • I love your insights so much!! You saw my comments on your recent post and I was delighted to get a reply from you….well not delighted at your truth because it hurt. And I know where I need to be but like you know and say, I can’t continue this journey alone without a participating partner who can show his feminine side to me…..TO HIMSELF!! God bless the two of you!!

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