Learn to Feel Your Woman (Or Lose Her)

♦◊♦ A man recently told me that his wife said she doesn’t feel connected to him. When she said it, he looked around, quickly noticed they were both physically in the same room talking to each other, and exclaimed with frustration drenching his words, “What the f**k are you talking about? I’m right here!” She didn’t feel connected to

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How To Compliment A Woman

♦◊♦ There’s only one right way to compliment a woman: Freely, with no expectation that she’ll give us anything in return for it. There’s only one place a genuine compliment arises from: Genuine appreciation of whatever gift she’s giving to the world in this moment. Whether that gift be her radiant femininity, her intelligence, her

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What makes a Woman Thrive?

This past summer, I worked with 80 women as my coaching clients. We shared deep, intimate conversations around their day-to-day challenges, their intimate struggles with men (and in some cases, women), their frustrations in the workplace, and more … and then we dove into what their hearts profoundly yearned for. I worked with women who

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