"The Kids Get It"

March 11, 2010


Kids get it. It amazes me to see the kids at our shows – and I’m talking 3 years old – who show up later singing HERE II HERE songs online, or in some cases, even at our shows. They get it. They resonate. Sure you say, they latch onto Britney Spears, too. Yeah, I guess that’s why perhaps we ought to be thoughtful about what we feed them at such a young age. Then again, any parent knows if they don’t like broccoli, they aren’t gonna eat it just because you put it in front of them. And my little sister DID grow up watching Sigourney Weaver battle chest-exploding aliens – on endless repeat – from about age 3 to 9. She seems fine … just a little nervous tic is all (kidding). So who knows how it all works … anyway, clearly the kids get HERE II HERE. Here’s a few videos of young kids singing conscious HERE II HERE music. Delicious! … and soooo cute!

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