The World Doesn’t Need Your Playing Safe

October 23, 2014

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The world doesn’t need your playing safe.

The love you deeply yearn for doesn’t want your playing safe. Not the one you really want. The love you ache for wants you Raw. Unbridled. Unfiltered. Real. The authentic partner you may feel like you’re literally dying for – even the one you may already be with – can’t love your bullshit.

We have entered the Age of Authenticity. We will no longer suffer people’s safe bullshit for long. There are no more secrets. In 2011, Facebook was cited as a contributing factor in one out of every three divorce cases.

I celebrate that. It’s evidence that we can’t hide from reality anymore. It’s time we face the raw truth of who we are in these fascinating bodies.

What are we so afraid of?

We’re afraid we won’t be accepted, good enough, worthy enough … of love. If we tell the truth about who we are, we’re afraid people will leave us, reject us, abandon us, destroy us.

The irony is that the opposite often happens. When you live courageously in your truth, real people fall in love with you – the real you.

Sure, some will judge your raw. They won’t understand it or appreciate it. They’ll dismiss and decry it. But it’s like water-drip torture spending any time with people who don’t accept you for who you are. My friend David Langer said, “Isn’t the person you want to be with the one who, no matter what they find out about you, chooses to stay?”

Anyway, people who are genuinely satisfied with their own lives don’t have time to hate towards yours. They’re too busy enjoying their own.

I’m a new writer for Raw Attraction Magazine.

Raw Attraction Magazine is about getting real with who we are. It’s all welcome here. Monogamous or polyamorous. Single or coupled or tripled … or podded. We don’t play safe here. We dive deep into real, with no protection (though we encourage discretionary use of actual protection in the bedroom, on kitchen counters and your boss’ desk, in public bathrooms, in the rain, etc.).

Raw attraction: what is it? What is authentic love? What are we really seeking through intimate relationship? What does it mean to be Masculine? Feminine? Both? Who do we really want to f*ck? And how do we genuinely want to f*ck them – or be f*cked by them?

We all live inside the one human mind. There is no experience you’re having that, at its core, hasn’t been experienced by another human being. You have full permission to be you. Which isn’t an invitation to hurt people or be irresponsible or out of integrity. It’s simply an invitation to love with your full heart, and that starts by loving yourself with your full heart. Not in that sappy new age cliche way of loving yourself, but in that fierce warrior-spirit way of loving yourself because you are finally prepared to show up and love the entire world with your raw, open, authentic heart … because you’re ready to stop playing safe.

It’s time we stop hiding who we truly are. That insanity-armor just prevents the rich life we really want from piercing us straight through. And we want to be pierced by life, straight through to our souls. We didn’t come here to play safe until we die. We came here to throw down and get real with life.

We came here to get Raw.


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