Why I Gave Up Women For 30 Days (Video)

I was recently invited to speak about my “30-Day Woman Fast” in Los Angeles. Here’s that short 6-minute presentation. … And no, it wasn’t only about sex. Just watch. I’ll bet you find yourself in there. Please share it with others who might appreciate this perspective of one man’s authentic experience in his relationship to women,

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Why I'm giving up women for 30 days

I started a 30-day “woman fast” 7 days ago. Scoff if you must. “Wow, 30 full days,” you say sarcastically as your eyes roll and your empathy shrivels. But this is what it means: no dates, no sex, no actual flirting, no making out, no strategic loitering in the yogurt aisle or after yoga class,

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Healing Sometimes Means Learning to Live in Peace with The Pain

♦◊♦ I’m pretty sure that sometimes “healing” just means learning to live in peace with the pain. I’ve been to countless workshops. I’ve questioned my stressful thoughts for days on end and accumulated countless hours of stranger eye-gazing to weepy Whitney Houston songs; I’ve sat still and starving on desolate mountainsides, determinedly reframed disappointments and

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"The Tour, loneliness, and leaving partners behind"

When people hear that we’re on a 6-month (or more) tour, between exasperated breaths they often ask, “Do any of you have families back home?” Each of us is coming to this experience in different circumstances. Edwin left his amazing new wife, Lisbeth, back in Miami. She came with us last year on our 2-month

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"I'm not always supposed to do something"

Today, a lady with deep strong beautiful blue eyes came over to me at the end of an excellent show. I had been thinking to approach the microphone as the band was being loved and hugged on by all their new adoring fans. I wanted to speak to the fact that this concert was a

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