Love & Masculine Energy: My Epiphany in the Australian Outback (VIDEO)

October 6, 2015

Kata Tjuta Video Screenshot

(update: I do not endorse, and do not recommend hiring, the coach I speak of in this video)

Outback Photo
After our first night in the Outback (yes, with a purple polka-dot outback bag!)


I thought about you while I was on my Outback walkabout adventure.

I really did.

After all, I was there for your transformational life journey as much as mine.

You see, 15 years ago, I left the military at age 26, broken and despairing and utterly lost in the world. I had everything “they” told me I was supposed to want: money, prestigious work, a nice home by the beach, an amazing intimate partner and most everything else.

Essentially, the same things “they” told you you’re supposed to want, too (and that you might already have, or be working towards).

Yet, I was mostly miserable.

What was missing?

I didn’t know. So I turned down job offers to make more money working for defense companies and spent the next two years traveling the world looking for a way out of my suffering.

I went looking in dark places (Auschwitz), lonely places (a marriage in France with someone I didn’t know), gorgeous places (the Swiss Alps), and empty places (the Outback) … and so many more wild and awful and exquisite places.

When I was in the Australian Outback, I had an opportunity to go to one of the most glorious sacred Aboriginal sites in the country, Uluru, that iconic red spaceship-shaped rock in the red desert heart of the continent.

I knew, though, the only way I was getting there at that time was by tourist bus where they’d probably serve us champagne at sunrise while sitting on cozy stools before inviting us to climb the rock, an insult to the aboriginal people. I wanted no part of that, and I decided that wasn’t the time for me to make that journey.

I wasn’t ready.

So I left Australia not knowing if I would ever return … believing in my heart it was fated for me to return someday and complete the journey to Uluru, but in the “right” way.

That “right way” showed up in August through work I have been doing for almost 3 years with my own coach.

So while my friends went off to Burning Man Festival in the Nevada desert, I went on walkabout into the Australian desert, my own heart set afire, to complete that sacred journey I began 15 years ago in desperate search for the truth of who I really am.

Way back then, I couldn’t find much else but more sadness and despair and confusion. I know now that’s only because I was looking through the lonely eyes of fear and disconnection.

Just a few weeks ago, however, while sleeping under a deep black outback sky frosted in moonlight sprinkled with stars, I finally awoke to a profound truth about who I am and what I came here to do.

I also awoke to the most profound truth about YOU, too.

This one insight can change your life massively … when it finally lights your heart afire as it finally did mine while on walkabout through the Australian Outback.

The video below is a preview of this one insight.

I recorded it at Kata Tjuta, an enormous ancient rock formation near Uluru where Aboriginal men have gone (and still go) to perform secret masculine rituals for thousands of years.

In the video, I do my best to share this life-changing epiphany that hit me so hard I literally got dizzy in the desert as my mind struggled to catch up to what my body had finally embraced.

I can’t imagine a more appropriate place on the planet to share this insight that has set my heart afire.

There’s more, too …

I am bursting with excitement to share with you all that I discovered in the Australian Outback about what it really means to LET LOVE FUEL YOUR LIFE.

Stay tuned … Everything is about to change for us.


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  • Hi Bryan, Thankyou for sharing. I really appreciate you sharing your epiphany : ) When you said something like, ‘We(men) want you(women) to Share your feminine, intuition etc, it’s what you(women) have to offer’. I agree, and I couldn’t help hearing myself say ….”How?”.
    I have heard many stories and of course have plenty of my own when it comes to sharing your intuition with a man, and being met with nothing. And by nothing, I mean, a negative response. Like this story..
    My friend told me that her and her male partner and children were 4WDriving in the outback… When she had a strong feeling that they should pull over and stop driving for a while. Her male partner refused as he wanted to continue ‘making good time’. She then said to him that she thought that pulling over and stopping the car for a while was best for their safety. Again he refused because her request did not make ‘sense’.
    Shortly afterward, one wheel came free from the vehicle and sent their car careering dangerously, during which they experienced a very near fatal situation.
    I can relate to the profound vulnerability and fear she was left to experience (knowing that something wasn’t right) and frustration of being ignored in situations where my intuition has been spot on like this story. But there is something missing Bryan. I want more than to know what to offer. I want to know how to offer it, how to connect to this intuition, discerning fear from true intuition and how to convey it without anger or force (just because it feels strong to me).

    • Hi Mel: Isn’t Bryan great? He is on a beautiful journey and sharing it with us! Perhaps the piece you are looking for is a shift in CONSISTENCY. Perhaps in the day to day routine your man’s experience is that your suggestions, advice, personal preferences, opinions are shared through your masculine energy. If so, then when you make a sudden and dramatic shift into the intuitive feminine he is not ready to hear it nor receptive to take action around it. His guard is up and he cannot instantly let it down just because you insist it’s more critical than usual. If you shift his daily experience and you become consistently more in feminine energy I think you will find he is generally and specifically more receptive to you. You can make this transition in yourself by learning to consistently come from your heart and not your head. Thoughts are easy to trace: ones that come from the ego are sharp, corrective or even critical. Thoughts that come from the heart are caring and kind and without blame or criticism. Share with him your feelings more often and your good ideas less often. With practice you can learn how to INSPIRE him everyday and with that will come the influence you seek.

  • Hi BrYan with a Y…. like it and Love it….I was touched by what you wrote about being connected to the feminine energy …LOVE…..awesome and Divine…..Love is Divine…..and yes a male and female long to be provided with that Love from their lover …a woman seeks protection from a man…her man…her hero… be provided for …provided not just with money as so many pursue…it goes deeper as you say… is being provided with the protection of the core essence of who we all are…Love ,,,and so does a male,,he too searches and yearns for that….yearns to discover that first in his very own core and to unite that with a woman’s feminine energy (I believe her feminine energy can turn into masculine when it becomes so intense and is not being fulfilled….and when the male can do the male desire and the woman her woman deeps desire of unity and surrender Wow….giving their very soul and then what an amazing connection….it gets me fired and passionate,,,there is so much power in our very core beings,,…and when two unique Beings express their unique core of LOVE what a unity it is…so very deep and so very lasting. As a woman I have self sabotaged because I was driven by my passion of love and pursued from that place ..longing for ‘my hero.’ to show up…who would provide from a place of that deep love…his core as he does yearn in a woman….my passion came over as needy and yet the core truth is that deep longing of amaaaazing connection where two souls unite from that and once surrender takes place souls are being united …Oh my I am still waiting for my hero to show up and for him as male to take up the role of leader and hero and come from his deep core and then two amazing souls connect.

    Long reply but I feel very passionate and my personal mission is building bridges to peoples hearts for the expression of love to ignite within and consequently without…it begins with connecting and building bridges.

    You are an amazing man in an amazing part of the world as you know…my dream place I have yet to visit…I live in Tassie and I will get there.

    Thanks BrYan,,,,Thanks for sharing,

  • Hi Bryan, thank you for the video, and I hope you enjoyed our beautiful country 🙂
    I hope you don’t mind; I shared your video with my High Value Women’s Club, which is a community of women who are passionate about releasing their fears, owning their worth and being able to ask for what they want in their careers and lives. One of the major strategies I utilise in the space of helping women own their worth is to help them understand their true nature – their powerful feminine core – if they are feminine in their core, and how living from this space makes life effortless, transformative and love filled, which ultimately fills their cups, allowing them to spill over, so as to be in loving service for the highest good of all, in all aspects of their lives.
    Your video from a powerful masculine man’s perspective is truly inspiring and I hope will cement for them their own truths.
    Thanks again xx

  • Hi Bryan, Thankyou … You have an amazing insight and you are so absolutely right….Its not about doing certain things, or finding someone, to find love…… Love is the feminine, energy….
    I have been working on bringing out my feminine energy… loving who i am and all that i feel… and its wonderful… Its a journey of discovery. and after being widowed for 4 years, I feel wonderful and ready to see where this journey takes me.
    I admire the man you are and all that you are giving to us.. I wish you love.

  • Hi Bryan,

    Your excitement, and soul sharing is “wonderful.” I find myself smiling while listening to you. I am eager for you to shed some more light on the mysteries of life!

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