Masculine Feminine

Embracing The Ache of Loneliness


♦◊♦ This blog is dedicated to the lonely. Even the lonely who have partners. Have you ever felt really lonely? I mean that kind of loneliness where you lie awake at night and your chest pulses with soft ache and your heart slowly burns as some persistent thought insists you’re destined to go through this

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I Gave Up Women (Briefly) & Got My Life Back (Indefinitely)

I’m thrilled to share my first article published in Elephant Journal. Here’s an excerpt and link to the full article. Warning: It’s saucy …  ————— Recently, I wrote a blog that went out to thousands of women. The title of that blog was “Why I’m giving up women for 30 days.” It was one of my

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Can I walk you to your car?

“Can I walk you to your car?” I asked her. “Oh, don’t worry, I can walk myself,” she responded. The boy inside me thought, yeah, she can walk herself; she doesn’t need me. The Man inside me thought, yes, she can walk herself, and I will walk her, anyway. It was dark outside, a bit

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Women are not defective Men (and vice versa)

♦◊♦ Life is blowing my mind right now … over something remarkably silly. But bear with me. This gets reeeeally good. In all my years of intense (and sometimes tortured) exploring how to live passionately and truly feel my life, I’ve essentially ignored one fundamental aspect of living. It’s so basic and obvious that …

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