Can I walk you to your car?

“Can I walk you to your car?” I asked her. “Oh, don’t worry, I can walk myself,” she responded. The boy inside me thought, yeah, she can walk herself; she doesn’t need me. The Man inside me thought, yes, she can walk herself, and I will walk her, anyway. It was dark outside, a bit

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Women are not defective Men (and vice versa)

♦◊♦ Life is blowing my mind right now … over something remarkably silly. But bear with me. This gets reeeeally good. In all my years of intense (and sometimes tortured) exploring how to live passionately and truly feel my life, I’ve essentially ignored one fundamental aspect of living. It’s so basic and obvious that …

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Why I Gave Up Women For 30 Days (Video)

I was recently invited to speak about my “30-Day Woman Fast” in Los Angeles. Here’s that short 6-minute presentation. … And no, it wasn’t only about sex. Just watch. I’ll bet you find yourself in there. Please share it with others who might appreciate this perspective of one man’s authentic experience in his relationship to women,

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Love Will Show The Way

I was recently the Minister at a Gay Wedding Ceremony between two beautiful men in California. Facilitating this public witnessing of Love’s complete lack of prejudice is one of the most deeply satisfying highlights of my already adventurous life. I’m a deeply heterosexual man … and I know this with certainty because I spent a

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My "Woman Fast" – DAY 30 – The Last Day

I did it. “What did you do?” you ask. Why, I completed a 30-day woman fast, of course. Where’ve you been? “Yeah .. seriously .. what in Eve’s name does that even mean?” you respond, completely perplexed. Ahhhh … a fair and cleverly articulated question. As I’ve assured you before – and perhaps this lady doth

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My "Woman Fast" – Day 25 – Breaking Patterns

I went dancing a few days ago and quickly found myself surrounded by painfully hot hot hot ladies dressed in … let’s say, enterprising ways … specifically designed to arrest my attention like it was a fugitive from the law. Then today, I ate lunch with 3 beautiful, amazing women. Did I mention I’m on a

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Sex, Scandals, and Living our Truth

What deeper truth(s) are you denying? What is that likely costing you? So many of us haven’t been confessing our socially-awkward truths for a long time, around a lot of things, but especially around sexuality. Not to the people around us, and often not even to ourselves. We’re persistently denying deeply-stirring desires, hiding fears and

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My “Woman Fast” – Day 16 – Observations

Caution: This post contains some graphic content and passionate language. I’m on a complete “woman fast”. I’m rather aroused … but you’re still safe with me. Promise … especially if you made it through Fifty Shades of Grey. I’m now 16 days into my 30-day woman fast (as the original blog explains, it’s not just about sex.

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Jesus Loves Everyone — Even Drag Queens!

I recorded a VIDEO BLOG about my recent moment in the bustling streets of Santa Monica, California … AS A DRAG QUEEN, holding a “JESUS LOVES EVERYONE” sign … after losing an “everyone-wins” $15,000 bet with Here II Here. … Watch, Laugh, and Be Grateful!!  

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