The Power of Stopping (Before Starting) w/ Tommy Rosen (047)

April 17, 2020

MTW GUEST Tommy Rosen

What is the real addiction this pandemic is forcing us to face?

When your world suddenly stops, what’s the most inspired way to get it started again?

Tommy Rosen, founder of Recovery 2.0, is one of the reasons I love living in Los Angeles.

I first met Tommy years ago when the conscious music band I was managing performed in his spacious living room for about 100 beautiful brilliant and talented Los Angeles people …   I’ve since come to know Tommy as a deeply wise man. He’s actually a renowned Kundalini Yoga teacher – which I’d tried a few times and decided immediately I didn’t like – until I did a 3-day workshop where Tommy taught Kundalini Yoga twice a day, morning and evening, all 3 days. I went with it, and 3 days later my neck and back felt free of strain and pain for the first time in years. Ever since, I’ve incorporated into my morning practice a simple breathing practice I learned from him that weekend, and it continues to make my body and mind feel better. 

Now, I’ve actually wanted to get Tommy on “Men, This Way” since I first conceived of this podcast, but it just didn’t come together. Tommy and his wife, Kia Miller, another world-renowned Yogi in her own right, travel incessantly. 

In fact, I was inspired to re-invite Tommy to the podcast just last week, after reconnecting with him on a quarantine-inspired zoom call with a few friends. Because he said a few things that deeply resonated with me about how he’s experiencing this great time of what could be considered global shutdown and personal upheaval.

We’ll dive into that in our conversation. 

Last thing I want to say about Tommy is he is not just a survivor of addiction, he’s a world-renowned leader in the realm of addiction-recovery, as the founder and host of the Online Conference Series, “Recovery 2.0: Beyond Addiction” … leading Recovery 2.0 retreats and workshops internationally, and presenting regularly at yoga conferences and festivals. Tommy’s first book, Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life, was published by Hay House in October 2014. He was recently a featured guest on Russel Brand’s podcast, Under the Skin, and he’s just all around a wise, and good dude.

Definitely stay tuned for Tommy’s 5 Key Takeaway’s – Quarantine Edition – at the end.

Alright …

Let’s dive …


6.00: Tommy caught the last flight out of INDIA before shutdown

10.15: Before we start, we must first stop

14.20: A world with same thoughts

17.00: Yoga: a idea for everybody

21.00: Insight into what is emerging as this virus ends life as we know it

25.00: What is emerging is a new world of people helping people

26.30: Our collective awakenings inspired by coronavirus

29.24: The critical importance of having a daily Morning Practice

32.00: Exploring the distinction of “Inspired action” vs. “Anxious action”

37.00: Faith in life as a pathway to not getting lost in anxiety

39.00: The power of 3 words: “Not My Preference”

40.50: The MYTH that we (men) are alone and on our own.

46.00: Tommy’s and Kia’s practices for navigating quarantine together


49.10: Key Insight: Meditation is the most important practice!

50.00: Key Mentors:

51.30: Key Resource (most inspiring book, movie or podcast: Eckhart Tolle’s: A New Earth.

52.10: Key Investment (under $1000 in the last year): My production studio

53.00: Key Practice: Do my 14-Day Morning Practice Challenge.


Tommy’s Morning Practice Challenge –

Recovery 2.0 –

Tommy’s Book: Recovery 2.0: Move Beyond Addiction and Upgrade Your Life

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