Why ‘The Feminine’ Will Destroy You (and You Need Her To) (046)

March 28, 2020

MTW SOLO Episode 46

As this coronavirus pandemic has been unfolding, I’ve been replaying over and over in my mind that scene from the movie Avatar, at the end, where Pandora – that’s the name of the planet the movie takes place on – marshals all her resources, all the creatures of the planet, to come together to fight off the threat that is man.

You see, man has landed on the planet Pandora, because she is teeming with a precious metal called unobtanium – yes, unobtainium – and man is doing everything it can to extract that metal from her ground in his endless pursuit of productivity and progress … he is fully willing to destroy Pandora and all the  “savage and uncivilized” occupants who are essentially the protagonist heroes of the story – and who know themselves to be PART of Pandora … they don’t just live on her; they are part OF her … INSEPARABLE … CONNECTED … and in this climactic scene Pandora is bringing it, all the chaos and destruction she can muster against this voracious appetite of man who is mercilessly hurting her out of pure self-interest.

I can’t help but see the parallel between this moment in Avatar, and what we’re now going through with this pandemic that is forcing us all to just STOP doing whatever we thought was so damn important to be doing.

In this episode I revisit a blog I wrote that speaks to this deeper perfection of what we’re now experiencing, that I believe is essential to humanity’s collective evolution:

“You Can’t Be King Until You Embrace Feminine Energy

“The Great Gift of ‘The Feminine’ that most men – and most women, too – fail to grasp: She orients us towards Love.

When we refuse to embrace Her influence in our lives, we orient towards stuff that doesn’t matter – money, orgasm, self-inflation.”

3 KEY TAKEAWAYS (listen to the episode for details)


1. Masculine ambition is futile and misdirected unless oriented towards the feminine principles of love and connectedness.

2. The masculine will always resist the way of the feminine, and vice versa.

3. The feminine will always rise up to come kicking our asses until we learn to fully embrace and welcome her into our worlds.


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