"I Don’t Want Drama" (Beware Of The Man Who Says This)

When a man (or woman) says “I don’t want drama,” he is essentially saying, “I am terrified of feeling out of control, and I cannot be with anyone who feels feelings or acts in ways that are beyond my current capacity to feel or simply outside my tiny stress-free comfort zone.”

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True Transformation = Embracing the Void

“We can hear God speak to us when it is silent.”~ Movie Quote (“I Am Legend”) I’m driving to Death Valley tonight with my music artist, Ash Ruiz, for a desert sunrise photo shoot at 430am.  Driving to Death Valley is powerfully symbolic for me as I’m in the chaotic throws of a deep transformational

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"It's often scary to let you truly know me. … Same for you?"

This blog is an ongoing discovery into how authentic I’m truly ready to be with you. Or not ready. What am I truly willing to confess publicly … forever? I’m certainly discovering there is no such thing as an “objective truth” to share, anyway. For all my experiences, there are seemingly infinite filters through which

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“It’s only difficult if you tell yourself it’s difficult”

You’ve done nothing to earn your lifetime on this planet. Have you ever heard of sperm training? Me neither! This life was simply awarded to you by the most improbable lottery victory in all creation. Every single breath, heartbeat, kiss, smack in the face, every victory, defeat, chocolate chip cookie, lying spouse and toothless smile is

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"Having a Plan B is highly overrated"

  I’m not your typical artist manager. And this isn’t to boast; in fact, by most measures it’s kinda crazy what I’ve chosen to do. For the last 5 years, I have exclusively managed Here II Here. Now, as Here II Here recently broke up, I’m exclusively managing Here II Here’s main songwriter / vocalist,

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