Leaping off cliffs is a way of life

You figure it just takes one huuuuuge leap of faith to hurl yourself off the metaphorical cliff before you’re off and … well, dropping through the sky like a sweaty meat bomb until you magically grow wings and reclaim your wits about you and then it’s smooth sailing forevermore. But no, that’s not how it

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You are Permanently Employed by the Universe

“You are permanently employed by the Universe.” ~ Marianne Williamson I heard Marianne say that a few weeks ago at one of her brilliant weekly lectures in Beverly Hills. At the time, I was sitting in the midst of uncomfortable professional stagnancy as a transformational artist manager. My various projects appeared to me either stalled

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Completely Enshrouded by Uncertainty

“The point of life is not to have the perfect family or get the right job or sell millions of albums … the point is simply to wake up.” ~ Ash Ruiz “We gotta work through our shit; we can’t just overpower it.” ~ Me These blogs are adventures in vulnerability for me. I have

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"Take home the CD … AND the Band!"

Thank God I’m not running the show! I couldn’t have planned it so clever! When we got to San Diego, I thought we had adequate housing for two weeks. We rolled into our apparent new digs at about 2AM somewhere in the hills of Escondido … and quickly realized this was NOT going to work.

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"Bryan, you have a great responsibility!!"

Yesterday the director at the San Diego Baha’i Center told me – after HERE II HERE performed – “You have a great responsibility on your shoulders, Bryan! The world needs to hear their music and message!” One of the amazing things about working with HERE II HERE is that so many people who experience them

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