"Bryan, you have a great responsibility!!"

February 16, 2010


Yesterday the director at the San Diego Baha’i Center told me – after HERE II HERE performed – “You have a great responsibility on your shoulders, Bryan! The world needs to hear their music and message!”

One of the amazing things about working with HERE II HERE is that so many people who experience them think these guys are here to save the world. It’s tempting to believe that. These guys definitely have a unique way of touching something deep in the human spirit. Something that for most folks – even those walking determinedly down “the spiritual path” – seems generally inaccessible. And this band not only accesses it, but fires it up and then blows it out your mind!

So yeah, maybe they are here to save the world … if that means simply helping one heart at a time open up to its own true beauty and wonder.

Fortunately, I’ve realized my only responsibility is to keep moving forward with what I think is best for HERE II HERE … even though I can never really know. I simply take solace in believing that God – whatever that is – wouldn’t let me screw up “the plan” even if I wanted to.

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