Do You Make Space For Your Most Inspired Work?

March 30, 2017

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I’m headed to Ireland on Tuesday for 5 weeks with my lovely woman, Silvy.

I’m only bringing a few books, cozy slippers and some clothes, our Vitamix and my laptop. My intention is to create my next online program there while enjoying the wonders of the Emerald Isle with Silvy (she’s utterly enraptured by Ireland).

I really need SPACE to do my best creative work – not just physical space, but psychological, emotional, and especially TIME space.

When I wrote the first draft and the final (10th) draft of my book, Tell The Truth Let The Peace Fall Where It May, 3 years apart, I secluded myself both times for a month in a mountain cabin to be sure I got it done.

When I created my Love Sex Relationship Magic Audio Program, I spent two solid weeks housesitting in the cozy cocoon of a friend’s home, writing and creating and recording into my laptop … and voilà! … an audio program was born that has now positively impacted the lives and relationships of a thousand people.

When I wrote my viral blog, “Choose Her Every Day (Or Leave Her),” my biggest entrepreneurial project had just imploded, my coaching practice was still fledgling, and people weren’t yet writing me everyday for support with their lives and relationships. I had so much space to write that blog and others that it was almost unbearable!

But I could never have done all that essential work without real space. For the busy-ness of everyday life too easily drowns out the whisper of inspiration.

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Now that my coaching practice is thriving and full, I set aside one free week each month where I do not work with clients. I simply CAN’T NOT do that … because it hurts too much to NOT consistently do my most inspired work.

So I ask you:

Are you consistently creating space to do your most inspired work … the real work you know you’re here to do?

If you have responsibilities to children or family or work that make it difficult to seclude yourself for a few weeks or a month, are you setting aside an hour each day, or even 30 minutes?

Even just reading the news, prioritizing email, mindless eating, watching Netflix or sports highlights (my favorite distraction) can prevent you from giving life to the inspiration seeking you.

Look, creating space can be terrifying.

For it requires you to stop doing what you think needs to be done right now and instead allow yourself to be quiet, to listen for whatever creativity, art, business, idea, etc. is trying to live through you.

But rest assured, when you stop staying busy and start creating space for your most inspired work to find you, your life can change in ways you can’t imagine.

Indeed, simply creating space may be the fastest way to find your own way to positively impacting the whole world around you.


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