It’s Easy To Lose Your Way (and Find It, Too)

About 3 years ago, I began losing my way. Even as I was finally finding it. It was summer 2015, and my blog was exploding. Three million people would visit my website in just 3 days while I finished writing my 2nd book in a mountain cabin …

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The Hardest Life Lesson: Self-Love

♦◊♦ I still sometimes say “yes” when I deeply want to say “no” (and vice versa) … and then resent others/life for my choices. I still sometimes walk paths that feel heavy because logic says this will get me the love, validation, etc. I want … which is mostly always wrong. I’ve been taught that

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Hiding Weakness Kills Men

Most men think we have to bear our burdens alone. We don’t confess our worries, our sadnesses, our confusion, our despair. And that kills men.

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Can I walk you to your car?

“Can I walk you to your car?” I asked her. “Oh, don’t worry, I can walk myself,” she responded. The boy inside me thought, yeah, she can walk herself; she doesn’t need me. The Man inside me thought, yes, she can walk herself, and I will walk her, anyway. It was dark outside, a bit

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Give The Gift of Letting Others Think Whatever They Want

♦◊♦ I propose a powerful, simple experiment for you this holiday season: Don’t try to convince anyone of anything. This experiment will be especially useful if you are going to visit family and stressful interactions are routine in that odd tribe. I went to visit my mom in Maryland for Thanksgiving last year. My mom’s

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8-Step Guide to a Great Hug

A truly great hug is a rich experience that has you pull another human body deliciously tight into yours as a way of saying, “I so deeply value your presence that I’m taking this exact moment to feel you, smell you, breathe with you – essentially stamp your being into my cellular memory so that

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Don't give into this temptation

Sometimes I hear a voice in my head grumble, “Why bother blogging?” If there’s already so many thoughtful blogs out there, what difference could my voice possibly make? Anyway, it seems I’ve set a high standard for myself; if I don’t think I have a real wowzer to share with you, why say anything? But

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My "Woman Fast" – Day 25 – Breaking Patterns

I went dancing a few days ago and quickly found myself surrounded by painfully hot hot hot ladies dressed in … let’s say, enterprising ways … specifically designed to arrest my attention like it was a fugitive from the law. Then today, I ate lunch with 3 beautiful, amazing women. Did I mention I’m on a

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